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  • Hey Jess, it's Per!

    I'm not here very often, but I like to check in every once in a while :)

    The Xiphos is pretty sweet - I've toured with mine quite a bit, it's been roughed up properly :) I'm willing to sell it if you're interested!
    My mistake, I'm really bad at keeping up with real names on here. I'll see if I can find the request.
    Well, 3 HD peeps all in one place. :lol: Small internet. I am in AV just off of AV rd and Yucca Loma. I have stalked teddy's page as well. That dude has a ton of guitars!
    I was wondering where you'd disappeared to, then I realized you'd changed your name!

    I feel dumb now. Good to see you're still around, however!
    Congrats!! I found Pete to be hard but also fun in a challenging way! At first I was doing the grenade jump up onto the ledge then popping at him from the elevated shacks. Once I got a good shock weapon and watch a few videos I was able to stand down there and fight it out. Very satisfying the first time ... but if you don't get a good drop you have to do it again! Arrggg! Somewhat of a hard farm, but fun. ;)
    yeahhhh I figured, haha, but worth reading anyhow. best of luck with the moniez hunt!
    I took that we were the only two. :lol: I will surely contact you whenever I need someone to talk to. :)
    I can surely understand her heart is in the right place. And yeah, it's a PITA to have to pay the kind of scratch these steps require, but it is paying for happiness, so to speak. I am dreading the idea of paying upwards of $25k for FFS, and then likely close to that for GRS. That's the world we live in, though. :(
    Yeah, I have put it off for too long. I used to go see a psychiatrist about it when I was 12, and my mom pulled me from the meetings because she wanted to "fix her son", but the psych was nothing but supportive of me. I just kind of went back into hiding..
    That's kind of my situation right now too. :lol: I how's the transition going? I am starting HRT soon, and uggggghhh, kind of daunting realizing this is the cheapest part of the whole thing. :lol:
    Hey, Jess. How's everything going? I don't get on here half as much as i once did. Just checking on maybe the only person here I can relate to fully. :lol:
    i don't know if i have a 'thing' for the rumbles yet, it is just my first amp but i'm liking it so far! chatting's been fun!
    Accidentally repped you instead of the post above yours, but you're cool enough that you can keep it. :lol:
    hey jess, saw this article and thought of you (your lyrics posted) Diphallia: When men are born with two penises
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