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  • buy it!!! though 400 isn't that great a price. ebay often has em used for about 350ish or so. i got mine new for 500. these really are incredible guitars that are well worth the money. plus, if you compare it to the taylor T5, the only thing they have similar is the way they look. aside from that, the crafter is a much better guitar in terms of versatility and use.

    however, the same cant be said about the 'SAT' the model that has a p90 in the neck. why? the slider switch that allows you to blend the peizo pickup with the electronic pickup. dial it in right and you'll have a guitar sounding like either a 12 stringer, or 2 different guitars going at it together.

    great guitar!

    also, buy that leather strap (even a cheap leather strap for 20 bucks) and your problems are instantly fixed!
    I actually no longer have the Snakebyte. Great player for sure - just wanted to try something else out. Standard ESP/LTD "Thin U" neck profile. I suggest getting one - they are kickass and the little tail end cutout allows you to play it sitting down easier than a standard Explorer shape
    Haha it's a from a Japanese Mario Kart DS commercial. If you youtube it I think it's still out there. :lol: Yeah cross your fingers, when Carvin does it right they can build a great guitar, but in the recent years their QC has definitely been slipping. :(
    Sorry I never replied back, been busy in the studio! haha
    This guitar has been amazing. Some of the frets are dead on it, but other than that. This thing shreds! Thanks again!
    Hey man, thanks for your message. I'm a bit of an idiot so I only read it now. I posted some stuff about my alumitone, back in April. So I'm really sorry for not getting back to you.

    The Alumitone is still sounding great. I'm actually shopping around for a 6 string to put a pair of Lace pickups in to. I just wish that Lace made pickups specifically for 7's and 8's. :) I figured about the coil tapping, which is unfortunate but the 6 string pups can be split, which is awesome.

    Thanks for your message,

    No I haven't, but then again I haven't swung the pickup around by its wires.

    The leads are very very thin you may have caused the wires to break inside the rubber at which point your fucked :p

    I'd try wiggling around the wire while its still soldered in like you would shorted headphones to see if it connects and if it does then you know what happened.
    Neither. Send it to me.

    Option 'B' would be the sevenstring section, though. :D
    To use animated gifs at all you have to have contributer status, so that's the initial issue. As far as resizing to fit, I use Ulead Gif Animator 5 and there's an "optimize" option you can use where you tell it what size you want the GIF to be and it modifies it accordingly. I actually usually don't use this option because the results are iffy, so I stick to just adjusting the "colors" "dither" and the "lossy" numbers until your GIF is small enough but still legible. Resizing the actual dimensions (has to be 100px x 100px or smaller for contributors) and cutting out a few frames of the animation (trimming it from the beginning and end; as well as removing every other frame) helps too.
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