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    H/S/H set for everything

    It seems I have found my people. I am a total HSH guy I have like 10 guitars that are HSH. You mention Jazz and funk and good clarity. You also mention a Yamaha Pacifica. If I recall, the Pacifica is poplar or alder or something not mahogany? If that is the case, I have some recomendations...
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    CAM software recommendations?

    I havent found any other CAM software that plays nice on Mac besides fusion. I use both PC and Mac and the interoperability for Fusion keeps me coming back. I use AlphaCAM at work for the CNC programing there. I havent used the CAM side of fusion outside of a couple demos because the post...
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    Tools, Jigs, Templates, and Method Discussion

    Also add centerlines and other marks to make sure I can reference and/or mount them to the guitar body. I just do a simple V groove in the top of the print to let me align as needed.
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    Tools, Jigs, Templates, and Method Discussion

    Oh for sure but a nice router and even an entry level 3D Printer like my Creality Ender 3 Pro is under $600 where a CNC that can do even just bodies will run few grand.
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    Tools, Jigs, Templates, and Method Discussion

    As a garage luthier myself, I have found that a 3D printer has been invaluable to me. Need a drilling guide to make sure all the string through holes for a hard tail are in a line? Print a guide Control cavity routes? with recessed cover? what about the cover? print 3 templates and youre off...
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    Emojis of the forum

    :minions: :dio: :worth: :yoda: :shred::djent: :sharpie: :deadhrse: :darren: :ban: :dick: :dime: :tdw:
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    Dimarzio pickups - am I the only one..

    I dont think writing off the whole company based on 3 pickups is the way to go. I dont like all 3 of the pickups you mention in the OP but I generally like DiMarzio as a company and have other pickups from them that sound great. I am a huge fan of the Area pickups for Strat and I am having a...
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    Jackson reverse headstock neck for a partscaster?

    The DKMG neck you bought will not fit a warmoth body. Sure it mught fit in the pocket (still not likely) but the scale length wont line up.
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    Bridge pickup for a very, VERY dark-sounding ESP EII 7 Evertune guitar

    When you say very dark, have you ensured that tone is connected properly a few years back there was a fella on here who was on a quest for years to find pickups and then one day discovered his tone control was connected backwards. Might be worth de-soldering the tone control (one wire) to...
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    G String wobble at 12-15 fret... ?

    Lower the neck and middle pickups. single coils can cause weird magnetic pull on plain 3rd strings.
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    EMG literally sells this :lol: Cool that you got it working tho!
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    Jackson and fender neck partscaster question.

    As was stated there are a ton of variables. The big thing is that even when its 22 fret Fender 2-3/16" at the butt of the neck and Jackson/Charvel are 2-1/4" so that will be the biggest bar. 24 frets are a whole different ball game. If you want "LEGO" then buy from warmoth. They do a...
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    RGD7 measurement

    They have made both 25.5 and 26.5 versions and the trem versions will be a little longer than the non-trem versions because the headstocks are pushed out by the distance of the nut.
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    7 string tele neck building plan (CNC)

    This is a little nebulous. If you have a CNC and some dimensional drawings then making a "plan" for a 7 string tele neck is not that hard. If this is what is stopping you, then making a whole neck is likely a little more bite than you can chew.
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    WTB Ibanez 7-string AANJ neck w/Locking nut

    I sent you a PM a couple days ago :yesway: