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  • Yeah the DiMarzio PAF7s are not very good. Low output ceramics = never a good idea, they just end up sounding dry and boring. The Invader definitely sounds best with some powerful yet toneful pickups running through it. It will sound light years ahead of the PAF7s, I guarantee it!

    The Miracle Man is definitely a wonderful match for the RG7620. It's tight, punchy, extremely clear, and powerful with lots of harmonics and low-mid grunt. The neck model is superb too, with a nice fluid smooth lead tone and beautiful cleans.

    The Nailbomb and Warpig are excellent pickups too, but the MM is voiced better for basswood/rosewood 7s in my opinion. I would definitely go with that and if you don't like it, we can use the exchange policy but I doubt you will :)

    Feel free to PM, email, or call for the fastest reply.


    The Axe Palace
    [email protected]
    So far I've only had time to listen to The Orangery; great stuff :yesway:
    really digging the textures and grooves, really nice playing.
    Hey thanks for getting back to me, I didn't think that the process was too complicated so thanks for reaffirming that.

    I really kind of expected you to say Tom Morrello, but in secret was hoping you would say Buckethead, he's one of my all time favourite guitarists and a huge inspiration.
    Hey thanks man :)
    I'm one of the guitar teachers at Not Just Another Music Shop at Main & 25th. Ever go there? It's a quirky but friendly little store.

    Do you have a myspace or homepage for your band?

    My girlfriend & I often go to local metal shows; maybe we can meet at one sometime.

    It's funny but I met the guitarists in my band Alpha Trion all from :lol:
    Hey I was looking at the guitars you listed and noticed that you had an RG with a killswitch, would you mind me asking what prompted you to do that?
    yeah man thx for adding me too. about the guitars, thx - gonna add one more xiphos (7 str) to the collection-just won another one off ebay, my wife will be so happy for me :lol:
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