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  • I dig. Sorry I'm not in the market for these at the moment- read: I'm broke - just wanted to try to be helpful. If I come into some dough sometime soon, I've been wanting to build another 8 string though... ;)
    Just a thought Stu. You could have BK put covers on those 8 string pups for you to hide the gaps. What kind of guit-box they in?
    Hey bud, sorry I've not been in touch regarding pickups - hectic week at uni haha! I'm interested in the d activator 7 set, so it would be £90 including postage?
    Hi, I got your message about the Dimarzio's. I might be interested in the D Activators, how much are you selling them for?
    Hey man,
    Sorry I've been away so I haven't had a chance to be online, but we can sort out some iTrader feedback if you want now
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