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  • No problem bro, if you end up getting one be sure to make a thread about it. I'm interested in building one once I get some shit sold.
    you're going to want something like this, but im not sure if a .0075 will be able to handle 18.3 lbs of tension so if i were you id ask EthrealEntity he should know :yesway:
    A .0075" PL == 18.3#
    E .010" PL == 18.18#
    B, .0135" PL == 18.59#
    G, .0175" PL == 19.7#
    D, .023" PL == 19.12#
    A,, .034" nw == 19.73#
    E,, .047" nw == 20.41#
    A,,, .070" nw == 20.4#
    total == 154.45#
    It's just cause I have a few lines of text. You can just use the enter key to get it sort of like that. Awesome to see that I've gotten sig'd! That's a first for me! :lol:
    honestly dude i would try to get a longer scale cause at that gauge its going to sound super un defined, but if you're ok with buying a new nut id say to order a .115 through la bella or circle k. with labella they'll ask you the model of your guitar so they know when to taper the string length
    yea i completely forgot that the carvins were 27" i should have double checked and the string tension calculator i normally use wasn't working that day but idealy you're going to want that string set to look something like this:
    E .0105" PL == 20.04#
    B, .014" PL == 20.0#
    G, .018" PL == 20.82#
    D, .026" nw == 20.63#
    A,, .035" nw == 20.82#
    E,, .047" nw == 20.41#
    A,,, .070" nw == 20.4#
    D,,, .115" nw == 21.01#
    total == 162.28#

    let me know if you have any more questions, im always glad to help:yesway:
    Haha I know dude! Crysis is an awesome game. I just bought a copy for the PC! Can't wait for Crysis 3 and Dead Space 3!

    No prob dude. ;)
    I love anything really depending on my mood, but some things aren't even worth comparing aha. I think that poster hasn't quite got the idea of this forum hopefully he will soon.
    No worries man, I was mostly questioning the original poster of the thread. Seems silly to compare two similar genres like that as if it's some sort of competition.
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