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  • You never came back to Destiny at 8 last night. :lol: Ended up waiting until close to 9 but figured something came up so I signed off. :( Let me know if you want to do the raid tonight, can't stay up super late as I need to get into the office early tomorrow. :)
    Well I already got two lol. I am also a big ESP fan so I decided to go with an M-II and I think I will be stocking up on them for a long time.
    Idiot Flesh - Drowning - YouTube

    Idiot Flesh - Black Sand - YouTube

    Idiot Flesh - Bach Is Dead & Diggity Cow And The Dandy Mr. Clyde - YouTube
    Here they cover a song by The Residents, and then have another amazing song of their own.
    No sweat!

    If you like them, you should also check out Idiot Flesh: When Idiot Flesh broke up a few of the members formed SGM. They're similar, but idiot flesh is a lot more 'free form'/loose feeling where as Sleepytime is much more 'composed' feeling.

    Plus Idiot Flesh has guitar solos sometimes :lol:
    hey Stevo..check out my band and the 707 you traded me Buried In Black- Waffle House of 1000 Corpses - YouTube ..let me know what you think
    Thanks a lot, man! We've got some new stuff in the works, which I'll probably post here randomly while we're recording.
    You know man, I really shoulda asked you first, sorry I didn't. I guess I just need money at this point. If I don't get a job soon, I'll be putting my RG2610 up for sale and would expect to get around $600 if you'd be interested.
    Yeah man. I just got notified that I'm being laid off from work and the Jackson and my RG7321 are the first to go. Hope I can get a job soon so I don't have to sell too much more.
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