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  • Sted - have you checked your PC for viruses lately? I've got a couple of unsolicited emails from you that had no content other than a very dodgy looking link I refused to click.

    Might be worth making sure! :)
    I'm not so bad all in all - got myself back into reasonable shape through some running/hiking/weights and although I dislike having to call on medical professionals, having thyroid hormones rather than none at all (apparently my problem was quite well advanced) has also had a beneficial effect.....just cba playing guitar! In truth I haven't played since I moved house really....just realised that whatever my listening tastes I'm such a terrible player that I should probably sell up and move on.....which is mainly motivated by a lack of cash. If I had cash for lessons I'd keep it!

    Yeah, I'd probably lose out - can't even afford to post the bugger so I would have to allow interested parties to collect it and part of me really hopes that somehow I get back into it.

    Hey Sted! Aye, it's been a while - funny how not having access to a "common" forum curtails one's social life on the's tricks?

    Yeah, still got the Carvin but haven't played it since September - Fred did want to buy it but I was reluctant to part with an instrument like that and ofc now he's got that Jaden endorsement he doesn't need yet another 7! My bad....will probably have to put a sales thread up and shoot myself in the foot on the price.

    No idea what happened to SR - Dan hasn't been in touch to say he's stopped hosting it but I hadn't updated the site in a while (the last 6 or 7 updates were all from a friend who wanted to keep it running after I lost interest) and quite honestly although I did some reviews I was proud of, there were some that weren't so good and overall the satisfaction I received compared to the time and money I spent on it wasn't in any way comparable.

    Now Gary Moore's gone and eh?
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