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    Behringer XR12 mix to FOH

    Thanks for the input guys. Definetly don't want to hinder anyone from doing their jobs. My only concern is that the guitars and Bass use a variety of patches set and different volumes. we achieve an almost perfect mix at practice on our PA and headphones. I know this won't transfer perfectly...
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    Behringer XR12 mix to FOH

    Hey guys it's been a while, I wanted to ask for some general feedback from anyone who mixes there own sound and sends it to FOH. Right now I've mixed: Backing tracks including drums Guitars Bass vocals Using the behringer XR12(phenomenal piece of equipment) I'm using high pass...
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    Rokit 5 G3s too bassy for music listening; need alternative...

    Try mackie MR8 MKIII $400 a pair You can get the 5" for cheaper though but 8" is the sweet spot!! That's what I use and they are extremely well balanced. They are the closest I could get to the yamahas and I tried a ton of monitors.
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    Something Different

    Thanks man I appreciate it! We have a lot of fun experimenting.
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    Help! Possibly the most inept home recorder in history!

    The best shortcut I can suggest is to 1. Use EZMiX 2 (master bus, bass, reverbs) 2. Use Superior Drummer With presets 3. ToonTrack Midi packs People don't like to suggest presets but they can be super useful in many different ways. I like to cycle through presets for whatever software I'm...
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    Something Different

    Probably way out there for most of you but maybe you will enjoy this. Cool Guitar lick at the end. Superior Drummer 2 POD HD Waves Ibanez with Tone Zone and PAF Pro
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    My comic (Manga & American style blend)

    weve blended the time frame a bit to work with the story we wanted to tell. Comic description Japan, mid Edo period. A young swordswoman named Asami Nishimura is on a journey to avenge her family's honor. She is the daughter of Kenichi Nishimura, a most trusted bodyguard to the current...
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    Looking for Experienced Vocalist (Tech Death)

    Email us some work! Still looking!
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    Looking for Experienced Vocalist (Tech Death)

    Here is a sample of our work. Pre-Production. Work in Progress. Looking for someone who can keep up with fast tech death. Would love to collaborate and make something very cool. The process would involve you recording at home and sending me dry tracks. If we are on the same page you would...
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    The GTA V Thread

    Forgot to mention PS4
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    The GTA V Thread

    Looking for players for a heist we have 3 players ready - Stemocon
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    The Faceless Megathread ("Autotheism" available 08.14.12)

    Congrats to Justin! He works his ass off for his music. New faceless will be interesting but the new Zenith Passage songs I've heard are pretty inspiring.
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    Where there's smoke... why does George Zimmerman keep triggering 911 calls?

    @explorer I think you are misunderstanding what @GoldDragon is trying to say. I agree with Gold Dragon and the conclusion the jury came to about George Zimmerman. If someone is poking around in my backyard I'm going to investigate. My neighborhood constantly gets random broken windshields up and...
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    Mesa Dual Rectifier (Ebay) $660

    The listing is about to end and I have it there for cheap. Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier 100 Watt Guitar Amp Guitar Amp Head 809404098114 | eBay message me on Ebay for questions
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    Tech Death from California

    Tenchi Muyo bump! Check it out and like us on Facebook. Have a Good Friday night!