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Jan 15, 2019
Oct 26, 2007
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Nov 2, 1982 (Age: 38)

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Texas CEO / RHLC, 38, from Texas

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Jan 15, 2019
    1. Scar Symmetry
      Scar Symmetry
      Cheers man, thanks for the add on facebook btw :yesway:
    2. Scar Symmetry
      Scar Symmetry
      I caved and posted it in the Recording Studio forum :lol:
    3. Scar Symmetry
      Scar Symmetry
      Haha! Maybe soon dude, haven't even shown these ideas to the band yet!

      Hopefully we will have some fresh meat for everyone to chew on soon.
    4. Rick
      Are you on Facebook? If so, add me. Rick Windsor
    5. Tardtaxi
      thats cool i don't know how to set up payments on paypal do you just send me a bill on paypal or how does it work normaly ebay fills in everything automatically
    6. Scar Symmetry
      Scar Symmetry
      pretty much everything haha. it's not anywhere near as good as it was supposed to be, but I guess we could've done worse for a first EP.

      we're working on new shit right now man, I actually posted a veeeery rough demo in the Recording Studio section if you want to check it out!

      it's probably the oldest of our 'new' songs, but it's ok as far as our material goes I think.
    7. Scar Symmetry
      Scar Symmetry
      thanks man.

      yeah we've had a lot of negative feedback about the clean vocals, I'm going to pass that on to the band and make sure it's something we address.

      thankyou man!

      if I'm being totally honest I hate the EP, but the stuff we have written for the album I'm pretty proud of so far :yesway:
    8. Scar Symmetry
      Scar Symmetry
      No problem man!

      What are your thoughts? Both positive and negative are welcome :yesway:
    9. Scar Symmetry
      Scar Symmetry
      sure thing dude you can pick it up from here:

      SIEGE OF AMIDA RECORDS — Traces- Reflections Of A Forlorn Sun

    10. chicks
      it is tough to add A HIGH A , i tune down half step and its fine but to get it up to normal pitch i would recommend octave 4plus strings there great
    11. Isan
      It is pretty awesome dude... you can't beat it for the price (unless you go used). i have dialed in some awesome tones ,but I change the eq all the time...
      They have a 6262 combo at GC behind the mesa and line 6 amps (for MSRP :nuts: ) and they have the 1990 to the front left of the store(for 449.99)....
      they also have the new b52 atx head which is pretty cool

      Danny d's has a 6260 head (for 499)
    12. Isan
      we gotta jam some time bro
    13. Scar Symmetry
      Scar Symmetry
      thanks for the kind words man!

      I gotta ask, who is the smoking hot geek chic broad in your avatar?
    14. Rick
      Where in our wonderful state do you live? I still love the avatar, by the way. :lol:
    15. Rick
      Welcome back!
    16. Marv Attaxx
      Marv Attaxx
      Hey, thanx for adding me :)
      Resistance 2 will be out at december the third. ATM I play motorstorm and gta 4 online
    17. FortePenance
    18. NikolaAR
      Ok, do not bother, i will just have to try them myself, cause a lot of people on SD forums said that they are great in alder, some people said same as you...

      Oh well, there are not certain things in life! :D

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    Nov 2, 1982 (Age: 38)
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    LTD EC-407
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    PRS Custom 22
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    Guitar, beer, violent video games...