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    Building a Garage Gym.

    If they will ship to you: Competition Set - ER Canada
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    Why are you mad right now?

    An irritated SI joint is the current pain in/near my ass.
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    What did Americans shove in their orifices this year? (maybe NSFW?)

    By far my favourite part of the list(s).
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    Who's got the best avatar on here?

    I definitely vote for Drew. So distracting. Much wow. So best.
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    NGD: Might as well start with a bang! (Oni)

    Oh my lawd, that's beautiful.
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    The EB MusicMan 7 Club

    So much love for this guitar right meow,
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    NGD: feeling a little blue...

    It's actually pretty dark in person, as well. It surprised me how dark it really was, since I was expecting something a bit more in-your-face.
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    NGD: feeling a little blue...

    Finally! I am a member of the EBMM 7-string club. Here's my newly acquired EBMM JP7 in bahama blue burst. FEELS SO GOOD IN MA HANDS! :shred:
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    What do those of you up north do in the winter?

    My polar bear is in the shop getting his winter claws put on. 'Round these parts, by law, we have to have winter tread on our vehicles in October. Don't want to be sliding into any moose or beavers on my way to hockey practice.
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    Why are you happy right now?

    Got a new-old job, a new lady-friend, an incoming NGD, AND I'm not fat anymore.
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    NTD! New tattoo day!

    That. Is. Rad. I am jelly.
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    What do those of you up north do in the winter?

    I hang out in my igloo.
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    NGD: Custom RGA7 (4 years in the making!)

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    The Car Thread

    Just purchased myself a 2006 VW Golf. Woot.
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    Stop texting and driving (personal accident content)!!

    May 18th of last year I was driving down a long road, which was an 80km/h zone, and I came to a stop behind a vehicle turning left into a trailer park. I was stopped for 10-15 seconds before I heard the screams of brakes being stiffly applied. A Smart car was swerving uncontrollably towards my...