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    That's it, we need one!!! the Modified RGA8 thread

    Be careful with an Iceman 8 body. The bridge needs to be further back for the guitar balance better, or is it that the neck needs to be further in the body? Can you see the difference? Opt for the first design and you risk less play area on leads, unless you want 22 frets, but it's best for...
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    Stu's 8 string scale and arpeggio guide

    How come there are no pentatonics?
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    Meshuggah m8m style Agile guitar, anyone seen this yet?

    I have it, except it's the ash dual pup standard version.
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    Let the RG8 Mods begin...

    Yep I can "just" hear a difference. A tad cleaner/brighter.
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    Jackson/Charvel Owners Club

    Thanks for the responses. How about painting the parts I can't find in black? I found this POR-15 stuff, seems promising.
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    Jackson/Charvel Owners Club

    I'm looking for replacement parts. Guitar Parts Site is apparently fraudulent, you buy something it's never shipped. You ask them something they never reply. So I've looked at Frets On The Net for a while, seems like I'll get part of it there, and the rest will be the overpriced tuners n...
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    Ibanez RG2228 Adjustments to achieve F standard tuning

    I think they're tuned F because during shipping, the guitar will suffer from a bit of drastic humidity/climate fluctuations. That can sharpen and flatten the pitch of the strings, and you never know if it'll fuck up the set up of the guitar on its way to your door so. Just a thought.
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    Smallest Neck Radius For An 8

    But that's the thing, did you measure it? Or it's just what you've read from the site? I have no idea what it is really, I think mine's in-between 15 and 20.
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    Smallest Neck Radius For An 8

    I'm quite sure Agiles are 20", not 15" like they say so. I'll have to check it with my gauge again as it's been a while, maybe I'm wrong. But it's definitely feeling flatter and less comfortable than a 15" like my Rhoads that I'm real used to.
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    What strings do i get for my agile 830

    ^ Yeah I'll have to agree. It helps to know if you've played a 30" or not, I'd advise to go with 9s on the top. I use 9-46 for the first six, but I'm in Eb, and it's still tense enough so. Don't go with 8 either, then the tone will suffer way more. It'll sound strange.
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    What strings do i get for my agile 830

    I have an Intrepid 830 but my style is 9-70 cos of Meshuggah, about to get in DR strings for the first time and figured I'll try them for the 8. So the 80 and under gauges should fit through, otherwise you'll have to unwind a bit of it if you don't wanna drill out the tuner. Also what are you...
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    Why did you get an 8+ string?

    Over a year ago I wanted to tune to B standard on my Rhoads. Soon after I read a way to string a 6 string like an 8. So I experimented with gauges until I stopped at 72, 58, 48, 38, 28, 18. Eventually I got tired of it, missed my Rhoads being "normal". Then about 10 months later or something I...
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    Possible sticky thread on string tension to cut down on redundant posts?

    Username: SPNKr Guitar: Agile Intrepid Dual 830 Scale length: 30" Tuning: F, A#, Eb, G#, C#, F#, A#, Eb Strings: Dunlop. 9, 11, 16, 26, 36, 46, 52, 70 Additional comments: I'm going to try DR on next restring. Am also planning on getting the tulip tuners with classic open gears by Hipshot. I...
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    Meshuggah rig rundown

    Yes I like that logic better. He said he prefers the 27". Must be because he also loves his 7 strings and they're shorter scale, maybe 27.
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    Meshuggah rig rundown

    So this means you can make a Meshuggah build with a 27" scale instead of 28/30" because this can start off another change in their sound. Me thinks he'll be recording with this too.