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  1. Splenetic Carcass?

    I loved Surgical Steel, and I'm loving this one so far.
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    Hey, I just realized....

    This is getting too technical for me, I'm going to sleep.
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    Hey, I just realized....

    Sheds are little barns.
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    NGD Ibanez RG1527

    That first picture is really tripping me out. Something about it, just the angle of the guitar or something. Anyway, doesn't matter. RG1527's are great, congrats.
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    The words we use to describe tone

    Cavernous ....for the reverb side of things.
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    Where has the bass gone?

    Sneaky sneaky :lol:
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    Stupid Things You Used to Believe About Music/Guitars

    No see, every NFL football field has a massive warehouse full of their own ESP's underneath it to deflect our ESP's. Those folks ain't suckers, back in the day.... soon as they saw Kerry King with an ESP wearing a Raiders jersey they knew what was up.
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    Stupid Things You Used to Believe About Music/Guitars

    Oh yeah, my world came apart when I realized the NJ thing. Then I thought about it, and realized it's probably for the better. OOOOH BURN. (pls don't hate me NJ peeps, I'm just kidding)
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    Stupid Things You Used to Believe About Music/Guitars

    OMG so i may have been right all along!
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    Stupid Things You Used to Believe About Music/Guitars

    Italian? The fuck? It was clearly a suave Spaniard who decided to make hand carved guitars between serenading sultry Spanish women. Possibly related to Antonio Banderas. He also may have had an enemy named..... Fernandes. That's what I thought at least... Also Jackson guitars were clearly...
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    The Digitech GSP1101 thread.

    Gotta love the fact that a 13 year old modeling unit still has an alive and well megathread, and is still considered a good unit. GSP1101 rules. I love mine and am not letting it go until it dies beyond repair.
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    NGD where-in I knowingly bought crap.

    "Constellation" being correctly spelled impressed me. :) Often, with the smaller companies it's not even words, just a bunch of letters thrown together to look like English haha. See it all the time nowadays since Amazon became an Alibaba/Aliexpress offloading site (at 3x the cost of the stuff).
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    so i dont get this....

    I just skimmed through this crazyness. All technicalities aside, anyone identified doing this, aside from perhaps people in China and other places where copyright is basically a fart in the, code extraction and decompiling into source code from existing hardware. Kiss your career...
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    Some guitars are too funny not to post

    Don't say that too loud, next thing you know you'll see them make another version with the neck cut like that in line with every fret and being held together by basically just the truss rod.
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    I'm having a green-eggs-and-ham moment right now

    Username no longer checks out.