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  • I didn't know many people on this forum had seen that video haha.

    It was done by running a hall reverb after the amp,cab and mic. I set it so that no dry signal was left, just the actual reverberation. That sort of turns the noise into a new instrument that you can manipulate.I used vst plugins for the amp, cab and reverb.

    I'm not sure if the effect can be replicated with a reverb pedal, but could be with a rack unit because running 100% wet is not something most reverb pedals can do . The only pedal I've used that came close was an elctroharmonix holy grail on its hall mode and I haven't seen how it works for the orchestra effect.
    Just workin man. Caleb and myself are gonna start a new band we hooked up with our old bass player so I'm stoked about that.
    LOL yes push/pulls are a terrible pain in the ass. but if it's just a little grounding problem it should be easy to pinpoint. check to make sure that none of the joints are cold on the the grounds and make sure that all the grounds are attached to the back of the Volume pot securely.
    well at least you don't have to fork out for his car.

    also about EQ's if you like the response and feel you're getting the effects loop is the way to go as it has more of an effects on your amps sound. like I said last night putting the EQ out front has more of an effect on your guitars tone and and changes the feel and overall character of your tone.
    Best thing i could suggest you to do would be to heat shrink or tape them off. otherwise you're gonna have that insane hum.
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