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  • It's a pretty good price honestly. I don't wanna dissuade you form making the deal, but I've had no personal experience wiht the unit so I can't really vouch one way or the other.
    Seems like a pretty solid Unit. Audio technica stuff isn't anything rave worthy but I'm sure that It's a solid piece of kit.
    Then, check the wiring. My wiring is a mess, I saw that some ground wires could actually touch the hot ones hahah. Maybe something is too close to each other there. I mean, the guitar is only dead quiet when I touch the strings, or else I get considerable hum and noise (distortion)
    I didn't solder anything, I just bent the exposed wire so I made sure it touched a good portion of the bridge, then I screwed the bridge over the wire. It worked...
    In case you were wondering. I soldered my ground from the bridge. The guitar is dead quiet now.. Fuck yeah!
    Could you take pictures of your cavity of your 7321?
    I'm having a hard time trying to find the wire that grounds the bridge!
    did you clean all the inputs and outputs with contact cleaner?

    I'll see if I can find someone around here. the closest I can think is a store in Cleveland.
    I'd give it 10 minutes or so since your spraying directly into the pot itself. When you asked at 'ol T-bell I thought you were talking about cleaning a pot to get rid of scratchiness.
    It's SS, yeah the mix is extremely rough so the guitars came out kinda muffled sounding.

    here's a better mix - the guitar gear mp3 database
    we've got it at the store. just back to pro audio and ask for Deoxyt. it's the same stuff I use on the all the stores guitars and amps that have scratchy pots and dirty connections
    try some contact cleaner on all the ins and out of the amp. just spray a little on the end of the cable and put it in all the ins and outs and wiggle it a bit. then let it st for a few minutes and test it.
    Yes, in the effects loop so it's after the preamp. My chain in the video had the reverb added after everything else, so it will probably sound a little less insane, but an electro harmonix unit with the hall mode will probably do it. Only the three knob version is probably capable of it.

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