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  • Wish I could dude, I built that when I had access to metal working machinery, which unfortunately I don't any more. Real bummer. I wish I could still do stuff like that :/
    Awesome dude! Yeah there are a few locally here for sale and still a bunch on used GC. Very curious to hear your take on it! :metal:
    thanks man. i haven't tried doing a flanger so far. i'll look into it since i'd by interested in making one for myself, too :)
    Sure am. I play rhythm for a band called WHAT SHE DESERVES. We're on Myspace, Facebook, Reverbnation.
    Yeah mate, I dig it. It gives it a real old school broken horror movie effect.

    Fuck people.
    Oh yeah! defs in the middle of Charles Manson. Especially around 1:30. Sounds like you're making the guitar stutter, sounds cool and kinda glitchy.

    That would work really well.
    So like a real slow "warble"? Tell me a specific song part and I will have a listen again.
    Checked you guys out. Sounds fucking killer, some nice riffs in there. I couldn't hear where you'd use a Tremolo. Tell some examples. A Flanger on the other hand would sound real cool on some short bits. Even a wah.

    How did you want to use the Trem? What type of sound are you looking for?
    Guy here is joelozzy.

    Other options would be talking to Voodoo amps or Custom Audio Electronics.

    Have you considered the GCX audio switcher and ground control pro? or even the floor based Rocktron patchmate? could make your life 1000 times easier.

    Despised sold it to a guy here in Aus. I will try find who it was. As for the trem, could be good depending on the application. I know Opeth use a tremolo, and its really cool. If you play some small/clean melodies a trem will add awesome dimension. If its just balls to the wall DM then I prob wouldn't bother.

    I did notice that after the thread got closed. I knew what you were on about, just had to find it. :)

    Good luck mate. If you need any help, just PM me. :metal:
    No probs ma'man. I knew kinda what you meant. Talk to Despised_0515, he can point you in the right direction.

    Now I feel better about being me. :lol:
    A lot of different things, really, but in the end, just decided it wasn't working anymore and moved on.
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