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    KR250 Consolidated Build Thread

    That looks great, good job. I love the contrast of gloss front and matt back. Limba just looks so good with a matt finish. Looks so comfy.
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    [NGD] Schecter Banshee Mach 7 with Lundgren M7 Pickups

    Those clean tones are great!
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    Help me break loose from Diatonic progressions

    I just wanted to say that this is a great post. We could all do a lot better from understanding why things work, rather than just copying a few things which work until we're bored of them and need a new tool to use.
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    Your favourite chord (right now)

    Anything with a 9th on the top, always. Also, Maj/min chords, i.e. chords with a minor and major 3rd in the same chord. D min/maj add9 in standard tuning would be 203230. Funsies.
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    Non-drummer looking for drum beats and fills to use in recordings.

    Seconded advice on focusing on velocities. Gotta be realistic with them: strong on 1 and 3 (5, 7) , a bit weaker on 2 and 4 (6, 8), and progressively weaker on off beats. Do it by hand for some natural variation. You can copy the beat and modify the velocities slightly, even just by grabbing...
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    Help me break loose from Diatonic progressions

    I think writing to follow a key is a recipe to be prescriptive rather than descriptive. Keys and scales describe typical note groupings but they don't mean you need to try to stick to that. If you want more interesting chord progressions then try to just focus on the chords, regardless of the...
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    NGD - Daemoness (2 weeks shy of 7 years wait)

    That's absolutely stunning! Congratulations!
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    Taylor's Consolidated Projects Thread

    I think perhaps it would help symmetry/familiarity of shapes to extend the point on the headstock where the headstock joins the neck by the lowest string? Like make it more pronounced? It's a really nice shape overall, though.
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    Taylor's Consolidated Projects Thread

    Liking the V design. Can we see it face on, rather than slanted, to get a better look? From that angle I feel like it'd look slightly better with the tip of the headstock pointed more toward the ground. Like not right at the ground, just less up than it is.
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    KR250 Consolidated Build Thread

    I prefer #1, but perhaps you could add more of a hook at the end (Caparison-esque?) to mirror the curves of the body horns?
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    KR250 Consolidated Build Thread

    Loving the blue strat. Great work!
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    Abasi Headless Build

    Oooft. Even better than before!
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    How to fix poor timing?

    Which can be pretty offputting in itself!