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    1. budda
      I'm taking social service worker, 2 year diploma program. I have 8 months (7 really, we get a month off for christmas break :D) of school till i'm done! And then I'm considering working for a few years, then going back to school for music therapy. Only my theory skills barely exist, so I dunno how that will work out..
    2. budda
      I sold the gibson to help pay for the hamer, and I'll be selling the hamer to pay for the tele.

      I go to fanshawe college. Working part time with loving parents who pay for school (I owe them that back later) helps.. sort of.. I blew a lot of money on tattoos as well.. yeah.. lol.
    3. budda
      I'd love to put the JB in the Hamer, but I can't as I'm home for the summer. The good news is, the Hamer still sounds killer!

      That said, I'm not getting on with the neck as well as I'd like.. so I'm currently spec'ing out a custom telecaster with marty at Prairie Custom Guitars - Home, and I may go that route in looking for "the best guitar for me in a 6 string". Trying to decide on bridge type, pickup config and then knob config (i'm VERY used to at least 2 vol 1 tone).

      Also, my mom is kind of from toronto, however I just go to school in london - toronto is currently 6 hours away haha.

      take care bud!
    4. budda
      i responded to a WTB twas a no go, posted them on CL yesterday for TO :yesway:
    5. budda
      I'm not a user there, and im on 4 forums already lol. if anyone posts a WTB, send 'em my way!
    6. budda
      I listed them on the weekend :(

      find another friend? get your buddy to return his set, get a refund, and then buy mine :D - He'd save $100!
    7. budda
      silly guy - I'm selling pickups :). seymour duncan '59 pair. if you know anyone who wants a neck or bridge pickup, $100 for the set or $50 each - they're listed on the boards
    8. budda
      congrats - buy my SH-1's!
    9. budda
      Well there's always what people want to get, and what people will actually pay.

      i just have my les paul and my acoustic that needs some TLC.
    10. budda
      I think something like $350? I paid $570 or so for it used in a store, and people kept sending me offers of $200 and stuff when i listed it. The one model used to run for $800 new, but i dunno if this one is that model. I originally was asking $400 for it.
    11. budda
      Good luck with the tokai sale - i didnt get much for mine :(
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    i like stuff. you like stuff too?
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