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    1. Malkav
      I had never really heard of Satch playing with Bumblefoot as such, I know there was a gig where they did a bit of an impromptu G3 thing together but I'm not sure their working relationship went much further than that :)

      I was speaking to Mattias Eklundh about it and he had told me that Satch recommended Bumblefoot for the Gun's & Roses gig though :D

      I think Satch wanted to use the new JVM Marshall's for Chickenfoot, but to be honest I really didn't much like the Peavey signature amp he had so I'm okay with this :) His Vox signature pedals are legitamitely pretty awesome though :D
    2. Malkav
      Hey Man,

      Saw that you digged the Bumblefoot - Gotta admit that track is a bit different to his normal vibe :) If you're ever keen on getting into him I'd recommend starting with the album Normal and moving it on from there, it's a nice middle ground of all the weird and wacky stuff he does and more straight forward rock. Also check out the non acoustic version of Dash, completely different song basically :)
    3. Necris
      We're about the same and that's exactly what I was getting at, when a religion is chosen to be the basis for government the religion that the most people believe is the one that is chosen not the one that may be the "best" to base them off of, and I'm not even sure there is a "best" or even a "pretty good" one.
    4. Necris
      I personally prefer what separation between state and religion we do have. It seems to me that most countries where state and religion are the same the religion chosen to base the laws off of is not chosen on it's individual merits but rather by which religion the largest amount of people in that country follow at the time.
    5. Necris
      The penalty for apostasy in Islamic countries is certainly not always death, there are a range of punishments, some countries have no punishment whatsoever, some have relatively benign punishments and some enforce execution or imprisonment until repentance. Death or Imprisonment until repentence is the punishment for Apostasy that is advocated by the majority of (but certainly not all of) Muslim scholars.
    6. Necris
      That is true, and I do have to admit that how non-believers are perceived by different Islamic countries is not something I am well read on, I am however aware that the non-believers speaking out against Islam is something that can carry a punishment. A distinction does need to be made between a non-believer and an apostate as well. I am a non-believer in Islam, if I were to move to an Islamic country I would be a non-believer living in that country. If I were raised a Muslim, or converted to Islam at some point and subsequently abandoned my faith that would make me, by definition, an apostate. So while a non-believer and an apostate are similar a non-believer is not always an apostate.
    7. SYLrules88
      hey, that crafter that you posted in the neck diving guitars thread, how do you like it? theres a used bulbinga one in my store for $400 and i really love the feel of it. i saw a few brand new ones on ebay for double that price so im guessing 400 is pretty fair. this ones in pretty good condition too. kinda sucks that it earns a spot in a neck diving thread, but i dont play standing up a whole lot.
    8. engage757
      Yeah man! saw this one at! That guitar is slick bro!
    9. HighGain510
      Yep, people can attempt to over-simplify if they want and claim there's less work involved, which to a degree they would be correct, but there is not a ton of difference in hand-work other than carving. :lol: ;)
    10. caekwalk
      Hey there, totally just made an account for the sole purpose of asking you a question haha. I saw a thread in which you posted some pics of Carvin burst finishes on guitars ( this is the thread : aaaand i was wondering about the names of a couple of finishes in particular, specifically the following :


      I was curious because those are my dream finishes, and I'm thinking of getting myself an LB70 next year (: you can get at me at if you like. I really appreciate your attention, thanks a lot!

    11. themike
      Umm well for the most part, I think the street price was MUCH higher than what they told him. Also it took about 3 years too long to release and I think he wanted to release his stripped tele/strat guitar first then the V. I'm not 100% certain about the details but I did read where he said that he was currently bummed with Peavey and needs to address their relationship.
    12. themike
      Just realized you're from Canada so SOPA wouldn't effect you - a quick Google search should show you why most people are agaist it :yesway:
    13. themike
      Devin Townsend is currently very dissatisfied with his relationship with Peavey, most recently with how they handled his signature guitar. There are plenty of specifics outlined in the Devin Megathread. And SOPA was recently a bill put before congress which I was very, very against. Peavey came out publically as a corporate backer for the bill - even though 99% of their clientele, including endorsee's, were very outspoken against it.
    14. ZEBOV
      I also forgot to say that it will have an Icon bass headstock. I like that headstock better.
    15. ZEBOV
      Oh yeah, the estimated build time is 8 weeks.
    16. ZEBOV
      I realized that the ebony fret board with an all maple neck and walnut top would make the tone very bright, so I chose rosewood and walnut stripes to hopefully make it a little less bright.
    17. ZEBOV
      I ordered my XB76 with a couple of different options.
      5 piece maple neck with 2 walnut stripes
      rosewood fretboard
      Everything else is the same. \m/
    18. ZEBOV
      An XB76 as soon as I get a new debit card in the mail.
      swamp ash body
      claro walnut top
      maple neck (haven't decided on 1 piece maple or 5 piece all maple, but the walnut top would cover the neck)
      ebony fret board
      no inlays
      stainless steel frets
      claro walnut headstock
      satin finish
      dual humbuckers (the big humbuckers)
      rosewood knobs
      black hardware
      white logo
      black trussrod cover with my first and last name engraved on it.
    19. ZEBOV
      I'm ZEBOV on there too.
    20. ZEBOV
      Peekaboo. I see you on the Carvin forums.
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