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  • Just stopping to commend you guys on the new album... you can bet this is going to be getting regular rotation and I'll be keeping an eye on the band. Love this stuff, really groovy and has it's own thing compared to most bands out there. Keep it up!
    Hay mate, just checked out ya FB page nice shit! Ill definitely come out next time you guys play in hamilton
    holy shit, you got the same cabinet, same amp and same od pedal as I do :D

    thumbs up for that !
    basically just ask Nolly, he´s testing it out for them and stuff. i´ve heard everything through his posts on here, and through others on the BKP forum.
    Hey man, thanks for the kind words. I also have to second your notion about screaming lol.
    Thanks, I appreciate it:yesway: Devin was really generous with his time and willing to put up with technical issues on my end - all the credit should go to Devin for being such an awesome dude:yesway:
    dude you need to upload your songs onto youtube so we can spread the word on facebook!
    awesssooommmmmmeeee, perhaps if you guys aren't opening you and i *and maybe some other Auckland 777 meshuggah goers* we could meet up or something.
    question: are you the guy (on the Myspace photos) rocking the Strapping Young Lad shirt?
    question2: will you be at Meshuggah in March?
    hahah, shit happens. just give me two positive ones to get it where it should be then :p

    thanks for the intended rep, though! :)
    Dude you gave me a heart attack then, I thought you meant one of MY songs had been removed due to copyright :lol: I was like "OK WHO'S THE DUDE WITH THE BIG CAJONES WHO THINKS THEY CAN FUCK WITH MY SHIT!!!!"

    erm, it was probably Goodnight by Dry Kill Logic
    NICE, i saw you guys open for Meshuggah last year (i was in 2nd row to your... right). Good one - i shoulda bought earplugs (my first metal concert haha). how is the band doing atm? have a good one. (you going to cannibal corpse? i'll be bumming up to AKL with a few friends.)
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