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  • I'm going to try to make The Meshuggah show. It is of VITAL importance that I see Intronaut live.
    Thanks man... although I did not send the info to them it's interesting to see it there :D I was like "really, is it on blabber?" LOL
    I don't have any tabs, but I'm thinking about making a play-through video, or a couple.
    I don't have any current plans to do anything with it live, but I'm very interested in that possibility. We can arrange a 'try-out' or something, it could be fun. Thank you, by the way, for the complement. :)
    It was a Nintendo commercial that aired in Japan. Goofy characters, the dude with the 80's looking hair was supposed to be the "American" guy.... :lol:
    They might be for sale in our online store. Not sure though. I get one every year for our open house with my name on it so people know I work for PRS haha.
    Thanks for the kind comment. I really appreciate your support, it's been really incredible how much love I've been receiving from friends and strangers alike. Thank you!
    We'll be back soon! Next year looks like the year for touring for us. We just need some time to build our reputation back up after being on hiatus for almost 11 months, and to get everyone stoked on the new material.
    Chris and Adam are the only members still in it. Myself, my buddy Gabe, and the original guitarist Joey are back in it. Gabe and I are handling guitar duties, and Joey is on vocals. I'm pretty stoked about it. We're going in a bit of a different direction, but still pretty heavy. Sort of in the line of Bermuda's newest album.
    Hey man, Sorry to hear about your friend.
    Most of the time the price is from $150 (+ shipping)
    But it also depends on the figure, like the difficulty level. I could be more precise if you'd send me a photo.
    Thank You.
    yes, it has been some time. Im doing very well, just gearing up for the release of the Fallen Martyr Album. Europe was great! Totally different world over there as far as the music scene goes. It has much more of a brotherhood-esque atmosphere...and of course the culture is great!
    i'd love to hear new material from them if they ever decided to do it again, at the same time i think it makes you appreciate their work more knowing that it's complete and finshed. either way often overlooked and way under-rated. glad to hear matt's keeping busy.
    Hey dude, no I don't. But my band will be getting a FB page soon. I still have your number, so we can still contact each other through text too.
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