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  • Haha, thanks man. Honestly, I wish I had liked my Vita more since it's a nice little system, I just didn't use it enough.
    Random question is random, but my answer would have to be "it depends."
    That's cool man! I live in Birmingham now, and haven't been there in ages ..but I'm always stoked when someone on the internet mentions that place. It's nothing special, but it's home for me. I didn't actually live in Anniston for very long, but grew up in the towns around the old army base like Weaver, Saks, Jacksonville, ect..
    I believe it is the episode where they had to do a security check for a museum, and then Odin gets the contract so they have to break in again and the office drones go on strike.

    Also, side note: there's a Greek restaurant in my city named Sofos and they make the best damn gyros. :lol:
    doesn't really seem like a big traditional heavy metal board. Mostly only old fogies would be interested in that record. Satan - Life Sentence was dope as hell too this year in terms of traditional/NWOBHM type stuff. I'm looking forward to the new Slough Feg for next year.
    Hey man, recognize this is waaaaay after the fact, but I didn't realize you left me a visitor message like..a month ago. Still learning how to work this forum! If I see a Van and San game I'll barrage Hertl with pitchforks until he signs one.
    Thanks, man! I can't take all of the credit, though, since I used some tabs of Uematsu's version to get the gist. From there I just tried to make it sound as close to the Haunted Shores version as possible.
    sorry dude the rga is no longer really available. not really looking to trade it off right now..
    About Helvete: I know... I was in there about 2 days before they moved and they were telling me about the whole thing. Actually surprisingly ran into Fenriz as well :)
    Calhoun County(Anniston/Oxford) originally. It's east Alabama, somewhat close to the Georgia state line. I don't live there anymore, and now I'm in a town called Pell City, closer to Birmingham. Also close to the Talladega Speedway if you're into that thing.
    Hey, well It would probably take, 3-4weeks to make it, but I have a lot of work till May, so I'm not sure if I could do it on time... but I'll get back to you about it.
    I don;t know, if someone would commission me to make him, then I'd make him, but now I just have 2 projects I'm working on and hopefully I'll finish them asap :)
    Hey man,
    Bobble heads, so like with a head that moves? I don;t do them, but what you described would look awesome as a sculpture alone, and I would definitely be able to make it :D
    Hey Garret! I've been good. Working and playing out with the band. Last week we opened for Turisas and Firewind! \m/ How have you been? Are you going to Progpower this year? I hope so. I'm getting the money together to buy my tickets early next month.
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