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Aug 4, 2016
Jan 14, 2008
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Sliggy Regular, from Australia

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Aug 4, 2016
    1. musikizlife
      Haha, wasnt asking for it:), I just need a new base besides a tube amp for my tone. I just wanted to know what could be used to achieve such a tone. My band is hitting the studio this weekend and will be using DI to record the guitars and bass so we will def be using a POD lol
    2. Sliggy
      Just my POD tone with no post processing, double tracked.

      No you may not have it <3
    3. musikizlife
      Hey man, i've no idea if this has been asked before but what did you use for your tone on Old Man's Rolex? if you remember that is lol
    4. Sliggy
      Haha wow man! That's a huge compliment, thank you so much! Yeah I was bummed to hear that too >.<

      Oh well. The instruments are done for that track so that will probably be the next one to go up, sadly lacking the vocals of sir Elliott. Thanks for the love dude!
    5. pineappleman
      I'm going to go ahead and say your music is an amalgamation of Periphery and Casey Sabol's solo material. Also, you would have been a better singer for Periphery than Spencer.

      Also also, bummed to hear Elliot won't be doing vox on Far and Wide. :(
    6. Prydogga
      By .WAV you mean MP3 right? Cos .Wavs are huge haha, Well just sayin' I'd be up for paying. :cool:
    7. Sliggy
      I'm not too sure yet dude. I'm going to work my ass off and the final product shall be 11 .wav files. Once I have these files I'm not too sure what I'll do with them :)
    8. Prydogga
      No need for that, I think your vox is awesome, screaming reminds me a little of Randy Blythe. Can't wait for the album. Are you going to sell the album or just let it be out there for free?
    9. Sliggy
      Yeah, he hasn't got the time to do them. No worries though I've got shit written for it ;P and if anyone dislikes my vocals I will be releasing the album in purely instrumental form also.
    10. Prydogga
      Hey dude, did you ever hear anything back from Elliot about vocals?
    11. Sliggy
      No probs dude! ;)
    12. DDDorian
      I've been waiting for Alex to finish his site update before I put anything up as he tends to pull the site down right as I'm doing it - he said he'd be done by the weekend, no idea what's taking him so long.
    13. Sliggy
      Sliggy :)
    14. petrucci_dude
      Hahaha danggg. Come to Sydney bro!

      You got MSN?
    15. Sliggy
      Melbourne dudeski ;D
    16. petrucci_dude
      Hey bro, where abouts in Australia are you from?

    17. Slampop
      Hey bro...just so you know, i fattened up the snare on Relentless, just for you :D WOOOOT!!!
    18. Sliggy
      haha that's ridiculous! that's the only part of the song I didn't write though. My friend wrote the clean intro for it. fucking uncanny though haha, you guys must have very similar influences from somewhere LOL.

      sounds like a wicked gameboy game theme. all 8bitty n whatnot. haha.
    19. Scar Symmetry
      Scar Symmetry
      Dude, I found the song I wrote that sounded exactly the same as yours, check it, it's called 2nd September 2009 :yesway:

      SoundClick artist: Dave Traces - page with MP3 music downloads

      It's in 8 bit so you'll have to excuse how ridiculous it sounds :lol:
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