Oct 7, 2009
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Tree Killer... sometimes I just wound'em.

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skeels pay the beels, from milwaukee,WI

Ey. I'm around. I'm not back, but I'm around. Miss ya kooks. Feb 14, 2018

    1. skeels
      Ey. I'm around. I'm not back, but I'm around. Miss ya kooks.
    2. Fretless
    3. Hollowway
      Yeah, I DM'd him on FB and told him he should address it in the thread here. If they aren't correct he needs to say what he'll do about it. If they are he needs to show others that they are, so he doesn't get a reputation for something he didn't do. But either way I want him to put something out there, because this is the kind of thing that could blow up for him, and I'd hate to see someone just beginning luthierie having a big issue to tamp down so early in their career. They sure do look malaligned in the photo, but he seems pretty precise about everything, so I'm assuming he'd want to explain it to anyone that would think they're wonky.
    4. Hollowway
      Yeah, you know what, he didn't. I need to PM him about that! I've been trying to work out the pickup rebuilds, and completely forgot about that, so thanks for thinking of it.
    5. Grand Moff Tim
      Grand Moff Tim
      I don't post as often as I used to, but I'm still around :lol:
      1. skeels likes this.
    6. InCasinoOut
      Right on. I'm a Bay Viewer. I suspected that some of those bass build photos were taken in Riverwest lol.
    7. InCasinoOut
      hey dude, where in milwaukee are you?
    8. Underworld
      Make an offer and we'll see! It was not really for sale from the start anyway!
    9. Underworld
      Man your In Box is full!! I cannot reply to your last message!
    10. Taylor
      Thanks. I'll definitely look at Home Depot.
    11. Fretless
      Sent you an email about paying your beels
    12. Taylor
      Hey Andy, what kind of bolts did you use on the V Mark One? I went to the local hardware to pick up some stuff for the third build and found the T-nuts I wanted but not the bolts similar to the ones you used.
    13. steinmetzify
      All good bro...just figured I'd ask. That thing is perfect, awesome job!
    14. steinmetzify
      Dude, you gonna sell the MK 2.5?
    15. stuglue
      Hi matey, they aren't in a guitar at the moment, just sat in the BKP box. I'd like to sell them to fund a guitar I want to buy
    16. Fretless
      Sweet just let me know.
    17. Renkenstein
      I'm clean because I'm SLOWWWW!!! Beep beep...Short Bus!!!
    18. Fretless
      Haha, hey I am not in a rush. My friend takes about 9 months to build my customs. If you ever want to, let me know and we can work something out.
    19. Fretless
      For the neck we shipped the piece of become to warmoth. My friends setup isn't really setup for doing necks right now, but he's working on that. The blank I sent in was thick enough to split into two, and the guy who I felt with at warmoth gave me a nice discount in trade for letting him have the second half haha.
      I'd love to build my own, but I really don't have time nor money. I'm thinking about finding someone to build a custom body and neck for my line 6 variax. I love it's tone, hate it's square body and tiny neck.
    20. Fretless
      My bocote fingerboard friend, have you seen the bocote fingerboard on my new fretless? I found it at a local hardwood store. It was the only fancy looking piece of bocote that was a reasonable size. Cost me like $90, but was totally worth it.
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    “If one should desire to know whether a kingdom is well governed, if its morals are good or bad, the quality of its music will furnish the answer.” -Confucius