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You Like This, from Pen Island, Trollololland

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May 21, 2011
    1. slayerrulesyo
      HAHA I have no idea who this is, but you're friends with Chris
    2. vhmetalx
      I might have around 3k if my calculations are correct. Maybe more if I wait a little bit but idk how much more and i'm tired of not having a car to work on in my down time (which is basically whenever im not at school).
      I'm thinking of Fc's, 240's, e30's, miatas, maybe supras, i'f im lucky a '75 or earlier 240/260/280z.
      or I might possibly work of a mustang at a shop (a 60 somethin. far as i know it runs too. or atleast has all internals.) Only reason im considering mustang is cause its the classic.
      I'm sure i mightve left out some cars but ohwell.
    3. vhmetalx
      Yeahhh to each his own. I'm into it.. to an extent. I love low cars and nice flush fitment but I still think it should be all functional too. The whole form > function thing that stance:nation puts on is complete malarcky IMO.
      And thats legit. From what I can tell it looks super clean! I'd love to get a supra like that but idk if i'd have enough money. I'm lookin to buy here pretty soon actually..
    4. vhmetalx
      Oh dang that's crazy lol. I might be moving to the Austin area. Its a bit aways from Houston though yeah? And thats cool. I'm assuming you have one? And No this Fc is not mine unfortunently. This is the one in my pic: That Old School Flavor | Stance:Nation - Form > Function
      Oddly enough my cousin that I live with has a white GXL just like that. But he has gold xxr 962's.
    5. vhmetalx
      WAIT. WAIT. You have VhMetalx onhouston240SX? That's weird... Cause i'm into 240's as well and might be moving to texas sometime soon......
      Should I be concerned for my safety or are we gunna become best friends...? lol
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