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  • thanks for that pic of the rico from the strap button (as I requested). cant give more rep atm, so I'll leave this message lol. I'm just floored by the craftsmanship on your new axe man. Enjoy the fudge out of it!
    Possibly, Id like one but I need rack stuff first so thats already uber-money. If my band start playing enough gigs (i.e. 100-150 a year) then Vigier will be the first place I go to for an endorsement, which would makes things much easier on the wallet! ;)
    Cheers :) Definitely agreed on the hard case, its a Hiscox so Im well happy with it. None of my guitars leave the house in anything other than a hard case! Guitar is lush, only thing Id change is possibly taller frets, thats it. Im saving for a Supra 7 now, how is yours?
    IT? Nah, way too technophobic for that.:lol: I'm hoping to get into some sort of editorial job, even if it's through an internship, and I end up having to work a second job to feed myself. The joys of adult life...
    Busy...mainly finishing my MA, and seeking gainful employment, but otherwise not bad.:lol:

    How've you been dude? It just occurred to me recently that I still hadn't added you. Sorry about that.:(
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