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    New pickup rings

    You can also get pair of white ones from there ¢Ý ¢ÜPRICE KOREA MUSIC CO.,LTD ¢Ü¢Ý ¡Ø pickup bobbins ¡Ø Sadly, the minimum order is 100items :ugh:
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    Your site? :fawk:
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    WTB: Line 6 DL4 Delay Modeller

    Man, I just sold mine yesterday to my dentist :/
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    suka! ;)

    suka! ;)
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    Hot Deals/Auctions/Craigslist Thread

    thats not 7620... this is 7420 :noplease:
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    Shopping picstory.. well kinda.. (56k = i have a 6 string )

    I miss Poland so much :( Dzieki Sebastian
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    How to top up your mobile using a guitar?

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    Petrucci in WC (lol thread)

    fits the toilet.. looks like shit IMO :/
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    7 String GAS inside

    shiiiiiiiit, realy?
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    7 String GAS inside

    as far as I know Lootnick? not to much ;) seriusly, I'm not starting again, but Lootnick is not top-notch Polish gutar maker... great guy if you wish to refinish your axe, but to build new custom, there are better guys in Poland to do that.. Also worst if you prefer ;)
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    FS: Ibanez LACS made by Matty Baratto

    doh...:wallbash: my bad man... fixed now :yesway:
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    FS: Ibanez LACS made by Matty Baratto

    The guitar was well cared and loved so it's in pretty good shape and condition, the bridge has very little use seeing on finish, no rust or dents. This is a prototype model so it has some finish flaws, like pixeled swoosh. It has also only one chip on the body contour, scratch near the jack...
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    Thinking of selling my 1527

    your not makin me feel better :squint: