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Dec 29, 2019
Jan 6, 2010
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Berlin, DE/Tampa, FL
I have a recording/mixing/mastering studio.

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(((Ω))), from Berlin, DE/Tampa, FL

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Dec 29, 2019
    1. Gothic Headhunter
      Gothic Headhunter
      Hey man, I saw your NGD on the ibby that looks like a blackmachine, where'd you get it from? Is it only available in Europe? Thanks in advance.
    2. CharliePark
      Hey man, just wondering how you like the d-activator bridge in your RGT220 compared to the stock pickup. I thought it may have been too bright but it sounds pretty sweet in the clip! -Charlie
    3. Stealthdjentstic
      If you guys end up in Vancouver let me grab you some decent food, I bet you've probably had enough of cheap beer haha
    4. Stealthdjentstic
      Ahhh dude i had no idea you played in harlot haha :metal:
    5. L1ght
      Ah, the Edge Pros are very nice actually. I still love the lo-pros though :p
    6. L1ght
      Ah I see! Does the 2077 have the lo-pro or a newer version of it?

      Nice dude, those MMM1s are awesome. That scale length would perfect for dropG. Are those basswood?
    7. L1ght
      Damn my bad haha I seriously thought it was a 1077 but I see the differences now :P. I mean obviously it's still an incredible score hahaha, if not better!

      Anyways, thanks dude! I have some nice RG's on watch there now so thanks! I greatly appreciate your help

    8. L1ght
      Yo dude! I know you setup an alert system on eBay and won that awesome 1077xl, but how do you setup an alert like that ebay? I have no idea how to get alerts for when a certain item pops up for sale...?

    9. Horizongeetar93
      like my guitar on AND instagram. you sir are too kind
    10. Horizongeetar93
      haha i love my premium. the guy sold it to me with the crunch lab so i was happy haha
    11. Horizongeetar93
      you found me on instagram sir sir
    12. Rojne
      Ah, okey! I'll just have to meassure it myself then! ;)
      Have a good night.. or day, where ever you are right now haha!
    13. Rojne
      Hey man!
      I was just wondering if you got the template from your RGA8 body-build laying around somewhere in a PDF or something?
      Im snagging one later this month and want to build a new body for it!
    14. drjeffreyodweyer
      War gestern bei eurer Show in Köln und wollte danach noch hallo sagen, wurde dann aber schon von der Security rausgeschmissen. Sehr schade! Show war übrigens hammer, wie immer. To the villains und vor allem das neue Intro haben mich sehr neugierig gemacht!
    15. Marv Attaxx
      Marv Attaxx
      Hab grad euer Deftones Cover entdeckt..
      holy crap, awesome!!!
    16. MikeH
      I hope you don't mind me using your signature picture. I'm an Ibanez fanboy as well, so I must use it. :lol:
    17. Rojne
      Maybe I should give the DA's a go when I get the guitar!
      What string gauges and tuning do you use on your 7?
      I like experimenting with this stuff so it would be awesome to know! :D

      Good luck with the new material, can't wait to hear some new stuff!
      Hope you guys get over here to Sweden soon, won't miss you next time!

    18. Rojne
      Hey man! Are your RG827 holding up on tour? Im seriously thinking of getting one myself and swapping the PU's for a DiMarzio CL/LF set, but didn't you swap to D-Activators?
      Im curious on how they sound, whats good about them?

      And thanks for writing such great music, you guys in WFAHM have been really inspiring and still are, you have helped me approach songwriting in a funnier and more creative way haha!
    19. Supremist
      hey dude! greetings from russia!
      I just ordered me the rg2228, but i dont know the year of it production.
      is the titanium neck plays a great role in string tension? And where can i find a pics of a new 2011 model with new headstock

      thank you
    20. Guamskyy
      Yeah man, I'm scraping up some money to get a set of dimarzio 8s as well. A good alternative to BKPs for the U.S market.
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    Berlin, DE/Tampa, FL
    I have a recording/mixing/mastering studio.
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    Ibanez RG2077XL Modded
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    Omega Iridium/Alpha
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