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Jan 19, 2021
Jan 6, 2010
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Berlin, DE/Tampa, FL
I have a recording/mixing/mastering studio.

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(((Ω))), from Berlin, DE/Tampa, FL

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Jan 19, 2021
    1. axb312
      Hi Simon ,

      Am planning on buying a Hapas guitar and was wondering if we talk/ chat about is sometime...Let me know... :)
    2. SilentCartographer
      How was the Ibby FF?? saw your pics from Messe, although I supposed I can just wait for the video!
    3. SilentCartographer
      w00t!! thanks, btw do you guys have merch?
    4. SilentCartographer
      Hey mate.. I just read the ERG nerds column about the low tuning KPA profiles. Are there any sound clips for them?

      EDIT : yeah i kinda answered my own question.. just read that last bit now lol
    5. revivalmode
      I just received my Ibanez RG1527M today, also my first 7 string haha, played a few Ibby 7s before though but still I'm a bit disappointed because it sounds muddy and not tight at all. Do you think it's because of the stock pickups?
    6. revivalmode
      Indeed, honestly, when I saw yours with the Dimarzio activators in them, my GAS for an RG1527M suddenly went through the roof, haha. But I've just wanted it because of the maple fretboard instead of all the RG 7s with a rosewood fretboard.
    7. revivalmode
      Never mind, I've found one, located in Boston though but I don't mind paying import taxes for such a great guitar.
    8. revivalmode
      Dudeee, you own the guitar I have the biggest GAS for, if you ever think about selling your Ibanez RG1527M (although you maybe never will), pleeeeease let me know, haha.
    9. revivalmode
      Hey again! Thanks for the quick answer! Nice pictures, the body always reminds me of a Blackmachine which is cool, I really love that finish. So, I asked my local music store to order one so I can try it out before I decide whether I buy it or not, but I have to wait 3 more weeks though before it comes in.

      My interest currently goes out to 2 guitars: Ibanez RG 3521 Prestige (with the same fixed bridge as the Ibanez RG 721) or the Ibanez RG 721 with decent pickups. But the RG 3521 costs twice as much as the RG 721. Decisions, decisions!
    10. revivalmode
      Hey man! I stumbled upon your page when I saw you bought an Ibanez RG 721 a bit more than a year ago. I'm considering buying one so I wanted to know if this guitar is worth it (apart from the stock pickups, will probably replace those then). Is the neck as small as a regular Ibanez Prestige? And I just noticed you play in WFAHM, I was a huge fan from them like 7 years ago! I've seen them back in '07 in Antwerp on a tour with Skinless and a few other big names if I remember, haha.
    11. Philligan
      Nice, I usually like that more :yesway: I just meant the low stuff in general sounds sick on vinyl. The kick sounds huge but still separated, everything's so easy to pick out.
    12. Philligan
      That's awesome :) it's super punchy, and it's weird, the low end is way more audible. I noticed with Danza IIII too, I can actually pick out the super low bass notes cleanly in the mix.

    13. Philligan
      Any time man :yesway: I really dig the album, and it sounds killer on the vinyl.
    14. Philligan
      Check out what I found at my local record store :D

    15. MrPepperoniNipples
      Simon - War from a Harlots Mouth - To the Villains Guitar Playthrough - YouTube!

      you have a beautiful mustache in this video
    16. Shredmon
      Thanks for inspiring me so much, you are such a kind and cool dude and i just Love War from a Harlots Mouth..... Youre deffently my favourite ERG Player, period......
    17. tedtan
      Happy New Year. May it bring you health, success and happiness.
    18. brutalwizard
      Just finally getting around to listening to Voyeur, and I am loving it So much right now. So Heavy. Thanks for the neat music, and have a happy holiday.
    19. Gothic Headhunter
      Gothic Headhunter
      Thanks, I'll keep looking for it.
    20. Gothic Headhunter
      Gothic Headhunter
      So I would probably only be able to find it used?
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    Berlin, DE/Tampa, FL
    I have a recording/mixing/mastering studio.
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