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  • Yeah, I'm opting for as simple of a rig as possible haha. Hence the M9... or Nova System. I'll probably go M9 anyways, since the Nova doesn't seem to have reverse delay to my knowledge. If only the DL4 was MIDI accessible. I plan on changing the channels on my amp with a RJM Mini Amp Gizmo with whatever board I choose. I really want to try an Eventide Timefactor and see if I can do with just that changing to clean when I activate it and lead when I click it off... hmm.... hah
    That's awesome man! Are you running it in the loop or up front? I'm gonna be so jealous when you get the DAR, haha. No high end boutique amps for me for a good while. I had this crazy rack rig in my mind before joining this new Progressive Rock band recently so my love for my humble 5150II + tiny pedal setup has sparked up again!
    How's the M13 going for you man? I've recently totally rethought my entire live rig and I'll probably be picking up an M9 soon!
    Sorry about that neg on you ... It was for the post above you :p

    Added positive rep to counter
    Nice! Definitely an affordable alternative to the buffer I was looking into. Wampler Effects Clean Buffer. :)
    OH MAN WE EVEN HAVE THE SAME TASTE IN AMPS! :lol: Minus the Diezel and HK (but the HK is a mutual feeling). Diezel's sound amazing but not "raw" enough for me, which leads to me to reveal... I was talking about the Fortin Bones :) It's got an insane amount of grit and still great cleans and with being MIDI switchable, I'm all over it.

    I hear ya man, many of them just get it to get it and officially declare it "jesus" tone because they sound like the next guy. It's a great piece of gear for $2k and all, $3k with the 2/90/2, but some of them are kinda selling themselves short. I'm sure a head with just as many effects as they're throwing in the Axe Patches will sound better, but oh well.
    I hear ya on the micro amp thing! Cheeseblock Effects makes a simple clean booster pedal for about $70 and I was also very intrigued by the Wampler Effects Clean Buffer pedal. Both much more useful than something like the VHT/Fryette Valvulator if you ask me. I'll probably just need 3 at most: one up front and 2 after the effects loop "sends".

    Maybe even more now that I think about it :lol: I might want 2 heads: one running through a 212 which is sitting on the 412 for the other to go through and it could all work with MIDI... especially with something like the RJM Mini Amp Gizmo. Man... hah
    Glad to know I'm not the only who thinks the Axe just isn't for them :yesway:
    I mean it could save me loads of setup time and what-not live but if I were to own one, that's ALL it'd ever be used for is convenience which, in my opinion, just voids the price tag.

    My dream setup is all analog with MIDI capability. The dream amp head I want has the options of 2 effects loops and MIDI in and out with brutal crushing tone and pristine cleans. Unfortunately, it's got a shared EQ but I'll deal with it. The reason I'm into effects loops is that I'm just weird about wanting to effect the amp signal rather than the guitar signal. It'd be nice to run everything up front, but for what I'm going for, I feel the need for FX loops. :)
    Problem is true-bypass, which is a shame because I would have loved an Empress Superdelay if it had the option of delay trails. Anywho, my board at the moment is just my tuner > od > decimator but I see those as my "rhythm" effects and when I get the delay, that's the start of my "ambient" effects.

    I'm currently having my 5150II's footswitch modded to have 2 built-in true-bypass effects loops which will be for my rhythm and ambient tones. I'm hoping to have my chain look something like...
    tuner > volume > compressor > Loop 1 (Decimator > OD > Decimator G String) > Loop 2 (delay > octaver > delay) > amp > fx send > lo-fi > phaser > reverb > Decimator G String > fx return > cab

    It's absolutely ridiculous so far in my head and I know, I might as well go Axe FX, but I love analog. :lol:

    I'm hoping to introduce MIDI to this grand scheme some day but that's not until I get past running a stereo rig and save up for my dream amp, hah!
    Awesome stuff! I see you've got your distortion types before everything else and that definitely helps achieve super ambience. Good way to look at things to, I just wish I had the ability to try out every pedal I've ever lusted after.

    I was in a total Delay addiction late last year and had played through my buddy's DD7, creating insane stuff within only minutes of sitting down with it and I was on the hunt for "my" delay pedal. I went with the EHX Memory Man w/Hazarai and although it did get some pretty insane sounds, it didn't feel as "natural" to use as the lesser DD7. So I sold it and still don't have a delay for now. The biggest factor I had totally left out when looking for a delay was "Does it trail off or just stop?" and the EHX just stops...
    We definitely need to talk! :lol:

    I've been building up my rig since I got serious with my band earlier this year and after a tube change and a few upgrades to my axe, the board is getting hit next!

    What's your analog board consist of, man?
    yeah, mods said it was just some idiot. just didnt want it to get in the way of me buying & selling guitars on this site - im gonna leave ya pos rep to offset it - peace
    i see you got a neg rep and nasty little note from "the quote everyone should read" thread. me too :lol:

    do you know how we could find out who did it? i want to give a little neg rep myself.
    Don't know if this would be your cup of tea or not, but have you heard JK Broadrick's work in GREYMACHINE? It's pretty intense shit. Him and Aaron Turner from ISIS.
    Here's a sample thing they posted a while back. If you like this, you'll probably like the whole album.
    G R E Y M A C H I N E
    Yeah, the first song is what got me into her music in the first place. But that was sung in Mandarin. Then I heard the Japanese version of Shin Sen in Kyoto and was blown away.

    And Red Cliff 1 and 2 are sick films too. :yesway:

    EDIT, I'm in the mood for a jam, why don't you fly down to Tokyo? :lol:
    actually, the list is much bigger now. it has
    tom morello
    serj from system of a down
    mynard with tool, a perfect circle, and pussyfire

    and a few other bands.

    but yeah, i made a thread about it too, posting all 3 videos that were on youtube about the hidden truth behind cort/cor-tek guitars.

    how big is cort in korea?
    hey man.
    i just saw your location.
    i'm curious about how big a news the ex-employees of Cort/Cor-tek made there. i'm doing a project on the entire situation, and could use any help i could get.

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