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  • Another random question: Have you ever had a guitar shipped to korea? If so, about what did you pay for the shipping and the import/customs/whatever? I know I'm going to be tempted to just go buy a bunch of gear when I get there, but I already have a perfectly good American Standard Tele and a Jackson DR7, and it'd be a bit silly to replace them when I could just have them sent to me.
    Update: I have my Visa and even my plane tickets now. I'll be arriving on the 20th, and will pretty much head straight to Daejeon for a 10 day orientation. After that I'll go to whatever city I end up in in Chungbuk, at which point I'll be able to start worrying about things like a trip to Seoul. As an aside, do you ever see 8s in the music stores there? I've been browsing korean guitar stores online and I've only even seen one 7, let alone an 8. If they're there, do they cost an arm and a leg? Seems most non-Korean guitar brands over there go for damned near MSRP.
    Hahaha, I meant the town I live in right now in the US only has 150 people. I have no idea how big the town/city/whatever I'll end up in in Korea is going to be.
    Small update, but I have a contract to work for the Provencial Office of Education in Chungbuk, so now the only thing standing between me and Korea is a work visa, which I'm going to drive up to Chicago to get this Thursday. I don't know what city I'll be in, and since it'll be in Chungbuk it'll probably be small, but that's fine with me. The town I live in now has a population of 150 :lol:. My orientation isn't going to be in Seoul after all, but it'd be cool to grab a beer on one of my inevitable weekend trips up there.
    I finally managed to get them all the paperwork they needed last week (the FBI CRC took its time AGAIN), so now I'm waiting for it all to be processed, sent to a Provencial Office of Education, and hopefully I'll be sent a contract from one of them. My EPIK rep seems confident I'll get one, particularly since I completed my TEFL/TESOL certificate, and it's looking like I'll probably get a spot somewhere in Chungbuk province.
    Dude I`m Japanese, lol. And my mom has contact`s in the embassy who refused to co-operate with me. And I was almost out of time, like a few hours left, and I was like well its not worth it running into stupid shit later. So I agreed to get it removed :(
    His user name is Grand Moff Tim. Ah thats cool, I didn`t know you had relatives here. Fuck man, I had the tat on my ankle removed, because the embassy wouldn`t let me renew my passport! :mad: It was ridiculous and I plan to get one in Shibuya again. Next time you come around, I can probably be your guide, I know some whacky places, don`t know if you would find them fun, but I`m sure there`s something.
    Bro, just be careful. Kamikaze7 got banned and now I don`t know how to get a hold of him and talk about our projects :/ Anyhow I`m talking to Tim these days, and he loves Korea so much! I was really amazed by his interests, in Japanese, but especially Korean culture/food/dramas/music.
    I'm still waiting on paperwork to arrive and then hopefully get it through to them on time to get a position with EPIK, in Jeju if I'm extremely lucky. If shit falls through AGAIN this time, I may well take you up on that and try to get a job with your commpany. I'm just about to wrap up my TEFL certificate, so that should help me out a little.
    Hey, I just applied AGAIN for the job in SK, since I couldn't get all the paperwork ready in time last time (stupid FBI CBC...). Hopefully it'll work out this time and I'll be out there late Jan/early Feb. I know I won't be working in Seoul, but that's where the ten day orientation I'll have to go to takes place. Perhaps we'll be able to have that beer then.
    Hey, I had and passed an interview with the EPIK program, so I pretty much have a job waiting for me in SK...

    IF I can get all my paperwork in on time, and that FBI background check is taking its fucking time. I'll probably end up in some small town in Chungbuk or something, but that's fine with me. Nowhere in SK is TOO far from Seoul or Busan, right?
    Cool cool. That's what I'll be there for. I'm leaning towards the EPIK program if I can get in in time, but I suppose a hagwon could work out if I can't.
    Yeah man :)
    Might add a Maxon CP101 to it next! PT Mini up front + M9 in the effects loop is gonna be so fun man.
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