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Nov 7, 2016
Dec 16, 2008
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Shrikkanth Regular, from Auckland

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Nov 7, 2016
    1. Sebski
      Haa, don't worry I used to use it as well for my bass, until I reached some limit which I was completely unaware of D: And that's quite a fair bit of money. Don't really have the funds right now, or time really. I'm sure I'll look into it when I get the time
    2. Sebski
      Oh haha is it that hamienet site? And I really don't know much about guitars, I'm still using stock pickups. Never really realised how much of a difference pickups make. Is it hard to change yourself?
    3. Sebski
      I really liked your lead tone on your Robots song man, that's the kinda thing I want, as my lead tones aren't great. I do my drums in GP as well, then export them to Superior Drummer 2. I haven't played around too much with the drum sounds though.
    4. Sebski
      Sorry for the late reply, never realised you replied. I've only listened to the first 3 clips on your page but they're sick man. Really like the songwriting, you just need a clearer guitar tone. I'll have a listen to the other tracks later.
    5. Sebski
      cheers mate. quite a lot of different stuff these days. but around the metal area...periphery, corelia, dance gavin dance, august burns red, i am abomination, karnivool and the list goes on and on
    6. Sofos
      expensive? i only got like 15-20 $ US :/
    7. Sofos
      Were there any posters, shirts, anything available?
    8. Bloody_Inferno
      Just heard your cover and it sounds great dude. Well done! :hbang:
    9. Bloody_Inferno
      Met all the composers mentioned from the Eminence orchestra events. They were all from A Night in Fantasia 2008 IIRC. Though Mitsuda was a different occasion from the rest. It was Passion, an intimate concert where he even joined Eminence on the bozouki to play Sail To The World and Scars Of Time.

      It was a religious experience and he was such a lively cheery yet humble guy. I even made a thread about him:

      Shame Eminence are now solely based in Sydney for main events. The last they did in Melbourne had Yuki Kajiura, who I just adored... I missed it. :(

      What occasion was the Uematsu meet/greet?
    10. metalstrike
      Haha, thanks.

      Nice Cover! Chrono Trigger rules.
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    Guitarist from New Zealand. Favourite musos are Nobuo Uematsu, Dream Theater, Angra, Periphery etc.