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  • Been listening to your GR5 clips, fucking awesome, really good tone. Will have to check out GR5 now.
    Do you mind sharing the MIDI file of the drums for that song you posted (blast beats something)?

    I really want to tweak my drums but I suck at drum mapping :/

    Nice shit man! :shred:
    Yea, unfortunately I was listening on headphones with shitty sound. Do you have a Soundclick page? If not that is another good way to get your music out there, lots of people on this forum use it. Keep up the good work bro:hbang:
    Good song bro, I really like the groove riff, and definitely enjoyed the clean section at 1min 10sec. My only suggestion would be to see if you can beef up the drums a little bit, other than that really nice work bro.
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