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    NAD: The new PRS ARCHON 50!

    I never miss an opportunity to say how much I love my (older) Archon 100 but I'm liking the sound of these new Archons as well. Local shop has some so I'll have to go compare. Wonder what a blend of the 6CA7s and the KT77s in my 100 would sound like. Good video per usual @Guitarjon.
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    Ibanez 2022 discussion.

    I was hoping for the red one + roasted maple neck which I would've purchased immediately.
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    Bandcamp Friday thread?

    Released a remixed and remastered version of, "Nostalgist" from my We're All Wrong project. Free on Bandcamp!
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    DAATH is (mostly) alive

    I liked, "The Hinderers" album although it's been a minute since I've listened. Emil's Verlorener I thought was incredible so I'm looking forward to seeing what this ends up being.
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    NHL 2021-2022

    I keep hearing different things so I dunno what to think at this point but we'll probably be able to hold onto Malkin and lose Letang & Rust.
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    Cases for baritone guitars?

    Thanks for checking this. I almost impulse bought it for a M80M. The search continues!
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    NHL 2021-2022

    Sigh. Not looking forward to it. End of an era for the Pens! We got 3 cups though so I'm content for a decade or two.
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    NHL 2021-2022

    It certainly added to the Pens struggle of staying ahead. Hope Sid is okay and is in Game 6.
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    New Polyphia Single - Playing God

    I'm curious as well.
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    NHL 2021-2022

    Yeah same. So glad they hung in there.
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    NHL 2021-2022

    We can only hope Chef Louie can pull us through!
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    New Schecter Models Megathread

    Woah these look sweet.
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    Best string gauge for drop F? (7 string guitar)

    I recorded a whole album in Drop F with EB Skinny Top/Heavy Bottom 7 string set (10-62) and it sounded just totally fine so it's doable. I just played a lot lighter, set up the guitar appropriately, and used a way lighter pick.
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    Best string gauge for drop F? (7 string guitar)

    Guess I'll be leaving the kind folks at Stringjoy alone.
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    EZdrummer 3

    =352207&hash=e06c93093e5061b7ab13cbf026fe2782']Attach files Wonder if this applies to the multi-out function as well. I'll have to look into this!