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  • Hello there. I'm very interested in getting piezo inserts on my ibanez edge pro bridge. Are you still doing this job?

    hi there! I am from philippines and I saw your post about piezo's in a zr trem.
    can you send me photos and how you did them? please help me out :)
    send it to my email [email protected] thanks a lot man!
    Dude, great picture! Keep up the great piezo re-fits and MIDI work. I'd highly recommend checking out Looper's Delight, [email protected] and Digital Guitar Digest. Lots of awesome information.
    how did you mod your edge pro 7 for piezo? do they have a mod for the lo pro 7 (a 2x27 is more or less out of the ? and it's damn near impossible to find a double edge 7)
    Shotgunn, Hi my name is scott and was wondering if i can get a set of 7 of the L.R. Baggs piezo inserts for a ibanez edge pro conversion, also what about the summing board how much might that cost as well??

    Thanks, Scott
    just a thought, you might want to support the forum with a donation if you're going to use it to get yourself business. i did, and pretty much every other dealer/builder on here did, its just a nice thing to do since you stand to profit from being here.
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