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  • Hey dude,
    thanks to one of your tutorials i got my superior drummer precisely dialed in!
    care to check out what you indirectly participated in?
    my one man project "Only a Transition" - currently in the writing process of my debut album.

    you helped me alot with programming the drum tone. thanks dude!
    waz uppa, i´m mostly called johnny and big guess - i love playing guitar. i started at the age of 12 and play for 8 years now. i play styles like machine head, slipknot, killswitch engage, korn, trivium, periphery and everything in between. i mostly produce my own music and sometimes upload some of my songs on my youtube channel: YouTube - MojoJojo378's Channel
    and on my soundclick account: SoundClick artist: ForTiorI (GER)
    i got me a schecter c-7 blackjack atx about a year ago. i totally switched from doing heavy and thrash metal to djent when i got into periphery. i´ll upload some of my pod x3 patches here in case someone would like to try them out.
    hope you guys enjoy what you find.
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