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  • peep the thread - plugged 'er in when i got her.. no sound :(. in the shop, i pick it up thursday. hopefully it wont be a big bill, since troubleshooting just revealed a useless tone pot.. should be cheap but the store is known for overcharging (and they're the closets ones, at 40 minutes down the hwy).

    at least my knobs should get in this week :)
    work, watching my monies leave me at high rates of intermittent speed :(, got band practises comin up, cover band is trying to score the mainstage slot for summerfest, the "ladytype" is still uberbusy.. a lot of being bored and sucking it up whenever i pick up the LP lol.

    oh and i want my DC727 back so's i can play it.
    sounds awesome man!!! :yesway:

    Yeah i dunno when i'll start work.. one job cant start me till june, so im gonna try to get my old one back and start mid may if at all possible.. or i'll wait till june lol.

    im taking music lessons in the fall! gonna learn me some theory, memorize me a fretboard nice n' dandy (cuz it'll all be applied to guitar) im stoked :D
    that's great man! im gonna have 1 or 2 bands on the go for the summer, im right stoked cuz they're 2 of my good friends and they kick ass :D.

    just finished school - got an 82 on my psych exam, 88 on health. so far so good haha. movin back home for the summer on sunday, so i did some cleaning and some packing today.

    DC727 ships next week :D tokai gets sold next week, gotta sort out this godforsaken summer job BS :realmad:.

    hopin' there aren't any ladytype issues this weekend since i'll be seein her monday lol.

    oh and im seeing Cancer Bats w/ Black Lungs tomorrow night :hbang: it's gonna be kick ass.
    i wasnt not on blex's page and didnt not glean info pertaining to his question appearing below this post...

    i am also curious.. perhaps a PM to discuss matters pertaining to wimmenz being :nuts:
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