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Oct 2, 2015
Jun 28, 2007
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hates womanizers., from California, USA

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Oct 2, 2015
    1. Blexican
      Aww dude, that sucks bigtime. What happened, if you don't mind me asking?
    2. budda
      it should be :)

      if you go to the PRS site and look at the custom 22, that's the look i want.

      i just hope i can afford it.. need to find out who's paying rent for me this year - me, parents, or both. either way i need a job this year lol
    3. budda
      I coooould... but i've never shipped anything in my life, and i wouldnt want to fuck up lol.

      NMAH - Mahogany Neck & Body $100.00
      -CG - Clear Gloss Finish (Standard) $0.00
      FTG - Emerald Green Flame $160.00
      DTS - Deep Triple Step Stain/Color Process $80.00
      -PH - Headstock To Match Body Color (Standard) $0.00
      RWF - Rosewood Fingerboard $0.00
      ABD - Abalone Dot Inlays $20.00
      STF - Stainless Med-Jumbo Frets .048" H .103" W $40.00
      -R14 - 14in Fretboard Radius (Standard) $0.00
      -C26B - C26 Bridge Pickup $0.00
      -C26N - C26 Neck Pickup $0.00
      -400 - Black Coils w/ Black Bezels (Standard) $0.00
      -CH - Chrome Hardware (Standard) $0.00
      -1056 - Elixer Light Gauge .010 - .056 (Standard) $0.00
      ABL - Abalone Logo $30.00
      SL - Dunlop Straplocks $10.00
      HC11 - Form-Fitted ABS Hardshell Case

      I will have to go some time without a 7 though... it may or may not be difficult lol.
    4. budda
      I kinda want to get aaron (eleven59) to buy a BM (which i was originally going to do.. when i had money :lol:) and see if it's better enough then my TS7ovChaos to warrant selling the aforementioned pedal. sure it'd LOOK better, but if it only sounds a little bit better then I'll keep mine.

      if i wasnt saving for a DC727, i'd be all over my BM this summer. im scared i'll get one, not sell the TS to aaron, and have 2 TS's :rofl:
    5. budda
      aren't eargasms after retubes the greeatest? :D

      i cant wait to jam with my buddy this summer - he worked all year, he's buying a brand new kit, its gonna be hawt times!
    6. budda
      oh you know it.

      and since it adds bite along w/ the crunch, rolling down the volume on my LP gives me that warmer chimey clean i long for (not quiiite to traynor spec, but close enough that i'd record it).

      its just great for classic rock, and think the lead tone in "hope leaves" i think (opeth) for the driven clean..

      makes my amp go all orgasmic on me :lol:

      i need to record that beast..
    7. Blexican
      Eh just bored to death, mainly.

      Why's it shitty?
    8. budda
      clean channel + TSovChaos = :yum::yesway::agreed:eek::cool:

      thought i'd pass that on lol. all i want to do is play guitar and jam, screw school and all the rest haha
    9. Blexican
      So how's life for Mr. Fjellstad?
    10. budda
      was detangling the guitar->TSovC cable, guitar fell, broke the D tuner. case queen for a month :(. now she's back :D.
    11. Blexican
      mmm Bork Bork Bork
    12. budda

      im done school at 1 today, so im gonna sort out finances, replace a tuner on my LP and rock da funk out. chances of playing some funk? 30% lol
    13. budda
      i also hate womanizers. where S this song postified?

      wrote a test today, went to the gym, finishing laundry, gonna replace the busted tuner on my LP when i get more energy.. today wasnt half bad :)
    14. budda

      whats crackin'?
    15. Zepp88
      :yesway: Have fun :D
    16. Zepp88
      Pretty much the same here, pretty bored atm, and wanting to go hang out with a lovely friend of mine.
    17. Zepp88
      How are things?
    18. Zepp88
      Hello Shawn.
    19. HighGain510
      I think I did okay on the exam, but my semester grade is what worries me... we did a lot of group work and I got stuck with easily one of the worst teams ever in the existence of teams. :rofl: The lady who became the self-proclaimed leader of our group is a biznatch and when it came down to group rating at the end I get the feeling she gave me the shaft job which could in turn affect my grade adversely. :(
    20. HighGain510
      Nah took the test last Thursday... now the hard part: waiting for my final grade! :eek: Man... PLEASE LET IT BE A B!!!! :( I need to get a B or else it's $2500 out of pocket... :realmad:
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