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  • thanks for the "thank" on my post daaaaays ago. how do you go about thanking anyways? I seem to be overlooking the thank button haha
    His name was Tim LaChance from the city Cumberland Forside? 04110..not sure if thats the city but I sold my 90 green UV777GR and a 96 UV777 black with green dots
    Maine represent! I am in a band called Ripfence I have seen Flothru a couple times over the years. I have to say, your Universes are killer. \m/
    Hey, Shawn
    I know you own a couple of Universes. I just obtained a UV7BK and it's missing the green knobs and green toggle switch. The owner before the owner I bought it from didn't take care of it. I was just wondering if you know where I could get some parts from?
    Hey Shawn, i remember we had a chat a while ago!!! Yeahman, i love my uv's......and i still love your uvpwh.....god dayum she is so clean!!! Ive got 3 uv's dot, 777bk and my prized 777gr.........ive got such a sickness, im building a custom uv!!! will start a thread when there is more progress too!!
    cool to hear from ya again dude...rock the fuck on!!! :)
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