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Dec 22, 2016
Oct 30, 2007
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Texarkana, TX
IT Support / Army

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Hammer of the Gods, from Texarkana, TX

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Dec 22, 2016
    1. Rick
    2. SYLrules88
      just saw your thread and wanted to say welcome back man. went overseas 3 times myself. thank god i wasn't posting on guitar forums while i was in or i for damn sure would have spent every penny i made on music gear! :lol: these forums have a way of making me feel like i dont have enough stuff
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    Texarkana, TX
    IT Support / Army
    Primary Seven:
    Carvin DC727
    Main Rig:
    Engl 530 / 840
    Real Name:
    Seraph Cell
    Myspace URL:
    Sevenstring Guitars:
    Ibanez RGA7 - Seymour Duncan Blackout Phase II, Gotoh locking tuners

    Carvin DC727, stock (for the moment).
    Other Guitars:
    RG2EX1 Black - Gold gotoh locking hardware, Dimarzio DSonic / Air Norton, Petrucci Wiring, Black Abalone pickguard, graphtech nut

    SA1260 Prestige - Gotoh locking tuners, Schaller tremolo, Dimarzio Area 61 / Area 61 / Breed pickups, graphtech nut
    Engl E530 / E840
    Effects & Pedals:
    2011 Rack:
    Monster Power 2500 PRO
    DMC Audio Switcher
    Rack shelf with TC Nova Drive, ISP Decimator, TC Nova Delay (2x), TC Chorus

    Sansamp RBI / Palmer PDI-09 for bass
    Cabinets / Monitors:
    Engl 2x12 Horizontal (2x)
    Studio & Recording Gear:
    Palmer PDI-03
    Sennheiser MD421 II
    Shure SM57 (2)
    M-Audio Solaris
    M-Audio Pulsar II (Stereo Pair)
    Funk Logic tray w/ RNP preamp and RNC compressor
    Mackie 1220i
    Radial Reamp kit
    Misc/Other Gear:
    Cakewalk Sonar Home Studio
    EZ Drummer / DFH
    Acoustica Beatcraft

    HP DC5750 AMD Athlon X2 Dual Core
    3gb RAM
    String surfer

    Guitar, girls, cars, paintball


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