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  • Hello Dave. Do you happen to have any link tp spme digital metronome? All links I found until now were only for incomplete software or payable software.Do you have any free metronome?
    Or would you advise me to buy one?
    Crikey!! 7 Codices is what I used to have sat on my bookshelf and I uesd to constantly wonder why when I only played a couple of them :) I do kinda miss the game but not the constant bickering and one-upmanship that I saw locally.
    Ah fair call. Yeah im more into the whole story and just figuring out outlandish army lists... havent bought any figures in forever, but in teh last 4 months ive bought the new rulebook, and 7 codexes? :eek::lol:
    Used to be dude, used to be :) I still read some of the authors (particularly Abnett) and follow the game but these days I'm more into the way some of the guys paint, and the "fluff" behind it all.

    Mainly because I cba sitting down trying to paint 40 figures in identical colours :lol:
    I came back dude, I missed interacting with solid chappies and I don't hang on many forums so I needed someone to talk to :)

    My avatar is a piccie of a character from a web comic I got into whilst playing Wow - here's a linkie:

    Looking For Group

    I couldn't resist a dark, undead magician called........Richard :lol:
    3 things man:

    1. you weren't gone long?
    2. I've left you some + rep back :yesway:
    3. what IS your avatar pic of?

    I played Daemonhunters as a main force, then I had smaller (1k points or less) Harlequins, Chaos stuff, Tau, Oreo Hereticus. Got rid of all my miniatures in a trade for an airsoft rifle but with Forge World resin kits I probably had 3k points of DH's and Grey Knights.

    Pretty win :)
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