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  • It would be possible yes, but you'd be at risk of the whole thing going wrong, I'd keep it as it is personally and just make do with the the warmer neck tone and awkward pickup positioning.

    Let me know how it goes!
    ESP is better than Schecter in all price brackets - fact ;)

    What do you mean by dedicated? Do you mean move the neck pickup so it's not in an annoying place?
    Ah man, Traces album won't surface til late '10, maybe early '11 at the earliest!

    We're working on it, but trust me, there is SO much hard work that goes into an EP/album/CD you wouldn't believe how much of a big deal it is :lol:

    I had no doubt Rob's a cool guy, it's just some of the stuff he says makes me cringe but that's probably because in my world and with everything I know we all think we're too cool for school :agreed:

    Can't wait for that NGD!
    Was it you who negged me for the Rob Chappers 'Twat' comment? I didn't mean it in a malicious way you know, more that he's a bit 'gimp' if you know what I mean? Maybe it's an 80s kid thing :lol:
    I think we're both overdue some good luck at this point. Here's hoping the trend continues! \m/

    Oooh, is your new axe a Lag?
    Two things...

    1) Happy birthday!:)

    2) Congrats on the job! On a similar note, I'm starting an internship this morning, so I know how relieved you must be.:yesway:
    So, in case anyone visits....:)

    I got a part time job, a guitar coming, and hopefully a Zoom. Life does not currently suck!!

    Shred Reviews- Reviews for the High Tech Guitarist is my latest project - feel free to visit and say Hi.
    Dude, I've been reading some threads in the General Music Discussion forum, and I really appreciate your input. You take a very meditated approach to things, and your comments really do stick out from the rest.
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