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  • Well if you still have it and i'm looking for another seven at some point, i may want it :)

    As for the CTS, i have no idea what caused it, last week i was getting loads of tingling and numbness in my hand, looked it up, did some tests of my own which seemed pretty standard by the ammount of times they were mentioned on forums etc, it was all very annoying as it all pointed to CTS, the only thing i don't get is pain, which is good i suppose. I've been really careful not to exert the wrist too much since then (it's a nerve after all and i don't see why it wouldn't just settle down) and thankfully i have little to no numbness at all now, it's still not quite right, i can feel it every now and then but i have some anti inflammatory drugs now, in theory, being a nerve that's just a bit pissed off, it should settle down and fuck off, the annoying thing is knowing that it'll only come back because it's got to be something i do regularly, i just don't know what *shrugs*
    It wouldn't be such a bad guitar to have forever, it's a good one after all XD you not playing at all?? I just got diganosed mild carpal tunnel so i'm feeling quite de-motivated myself! Hopefully some anti-inflammatory will clear it up, with any luck.
    XD that thing will be in your possesion forever i reckon! I'd love to have it, i know it's an amazing guitar i just don't want to spend a load on a 7 and then find out i don't get on with them! I just gotta find a hoe 7 to find my feet on :D
    Haha you can be a failedghey then :p

    Not much dude, Fred dragged my sorry arse here after his constant battering about 7's, so i'm on the lookout, hard tail 7's are few and far between though huh :eek:
    Don't worry man, I didn't assume you were anti-Christian by any means, I just didn't want a topic about Adam's health to suddenly turn into "fuck Christianity," because I've seen stuff like that happen before. I myself am religious, but I absolutely hate totally blinded religious zealots with a burning passion. There is no reason to be so up-in-arms about a personal choice like that, you know?

    Thanks for trying to clear up the misunderstanding, I think it was all just a little lack of clarification on my part, my bad.
    Man that is shit :(

    I think I was lucky, got my major medical problems out of the way when I was 5 :lol: Now it's just mental wackiness :metal::ugh:

    Seriously though, I hope you get through it all alright man.
    :erk: That blows. The missus is in that same boat at the moment (or the early stages at least), she's currently seeing a dermatologist, an ear/nose/throat specialist, and a gatroenterologist... The good part? The ear/nose/throat guy thinks her insane amount of nose-blowing and sneezing is allergies. THe bad part? We have 4 animals and she's a vet nurse :lol: The Gastro guy thinks she may also have "Crohns disease" which will absolutely suck :( and the Dermatologist is starting her on UVB treatment for a skin condition which very little is even known about (forget the name of it; sharp changes in temperature and humidity/sweat make her itchy as all hell, lasts for a few minutes to an hour)

    Hope things get better for you real soon though man, it's shit when life goes through these kinds of phases :(
    Oh fuck! :( That's shit dude, I hope you can get out of there ASAP.

    You should move to Aus :D
    Well... that'll teach you to... move... places... with.... things :scratch:

    I have good news, and potential good news! The good? I emailed Games Workshop, and the Witch Hunters are still all on sale, and they're not stopping until the new ones are out, so I haven't missed my chance to get the Inquisition models :metal: (I was freaking out a week or so back...)

    The potential good? I think I have a job. A mate is trying to get me in where she and her boyfriend work (which also happens to be the biggest/best HiFI/Audio-Visual/Music/DVD/Game chain in Australia :metal:) and I had to meet up with the manager the other day and apply online. Just waiting for a call back, but I'm 90% certain I have it :woot:

    SO yeah... How'd the move go? Good I assume, seeing as how you're all with the alive and returned and whatnod :D
    :lol: Yeah I know :D Last game was a 1500pt match and while him and his retinue only cost 500 or so at that point, it still managed to waste 1/3 of my points... 6 Penitent Engines was the only logical choice at that point :ugh::rofl:

    I really want to try my hand at something like a 10,000pt game (per side, that is)... God that would be fun :D
    Alright, I tweaked him a little bit. Gave him better options, and lowered his points cost just a touch (so that when he has his full retinue he costs less than 1000 points :lol:).

    Now I just need to convert a model for him :metal:
    Oh i've got ideas, don't get me wrong, I just haven't played with them in a while.

    My HQ choice was actually a character I've made myself... I have many of them. Lots. Special rules, stats, fluff, everything :lol: I needed to playtest him though. He did pretty well once he finally managed to get into combat with someone (which wasn't until turn 4... He was trekking across a giant-ass hill, and I couldn't make up my mind as to who I wanted to slaughter with him :lol:), but by then it was too late anyway.

    I figured a couple of things out though; he cost WAY too many points for what he does (400 points, as I intended him for use in Apocalypse games), so i've now tweaked the rules and given him a few more "elite" style options for his retinue (and made it smaller, but better), and improved a couple of stats I was tossing up raising before, and shall playtest him again next time :metal:
    He actually didn't take a single plasma weapon. But his unit of Scouts that came in from reserve via Deep Strike with Meltaguns and Sniper Rifles absolutely laid waste to my (by then all tied up) Penitent Engines, who were then fucked over by a unit of Deathwing Terminators with power fists... :wallbash::lol:

    My next game, I'm going to be taking something other than Penitents ;)

    EDIT: By which I mean "something else, in addition to the Penitent Engines..."
    EDIT 2: I will also say that those Penitents absolutely destroyed his HQ choices :lol: By turn 2 they'd made it across the table into close combat with them, and somehow, some way, Azrael could not withstand the 18 Strength 10 dreadnought attacks :rofl:
    EDIT 3: He also managed to wipe out an entire unit of Arco-Flagellants in one turn (first turn :ugh:)
    :ugh: House moving is awful. Absolutely awful :lol:

    I've got a "group interview" for a nightfill position this Tuesday (thinning the herd :lol:), and I am hoping SO much that I get it. Need. Cash. Played a mate again the other day; Witch Hunters (aka; random chaos models and paint pots) against Dark Angels (aka: a Red Eye bottle, those Harlequins, more paint pots and some Chaos Terminators :lol:).

    He won :ugh:
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