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7ibrarian, 51, from Peterborough, UK

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    1. ShadyDavey
      Just an open comment for any visitors - sign your neg rep posts. I suspect that a certain child who's nepotism and howling double standards can't support his own vitriol is trying to snipe at me without having the integrity to disagree publically.

      I guess its true that anonymity + lack of responsibility = total arsehole :lol:
    2. ShadyDavey
      Very nice bass indeed :)
    3. caughtinamosh
    4. ShadyDavey
      Awesome man - I really must go re-read some of his stuff. Your one link made me remember how cool he is ;)
    5. hairychris
      Haha, cool. I could probably recite about 3/4 of his novels verbatim!
    6. ShadyDavey
      You have to try amigo - its a surer path to damnation to lack the courage to try than it is to make the attempt and fall short.

      Or something ^^

      Besides, you have multiple options - my mistake was the atypical "all the eggs in one basket" approach. I'm sure you'll be alright :)
    7. caughtinamosh
      Sorry for the late reply man,

      Thank you so much - it makes a great change to have people backing my somewhat risky plans instead of damning them, telling me to follow a safer path. I have no intention of becoming another guy in a dead end job that he absolutely loathes - there are too many people like that out there already, and I pity them so sooo much. My plans - far fetched? Absolutely, but those old cliched adages come into play once again - "The quickest way to fail is not to try."

    8. ShadyDavey
      Heh, conversations with like-minded folks are always good :)

      You're right and "To thine own self be true" was my motto for a long while - if you don't at least try then you'll simply never know what exactly might come of your devotion. For what its worth, you do have my most sincere wishes for Good Luck in your endeavours.....sometimes suffering for your art leads to success ^^
    9. caughtinamosh
      Those who suffer for their art really suffer, eh? :(

      I have NO idea how well this whole writer/poet/novelist/bassist idea is going to go, but (to quote Claudiu), "to thine own self be troo \m/." I have to be honest with myself, and give it a shot, even if I do sink into the humdrum office job, I WILL give this a shot.

      Pretty heated messaging. :lol:
    10. ShadyDavey
      Well...that strikes a rather resonant chord with me...

      I tried music for a while and never really got a break so I just got on with life but my pretension was role playing - I enjoyed the intellectual side of the hobby (its something I've been involved in since '82) and I think the pseudo-historical settings appealed to that particular area of my psyche in the same way that some of the superb writing fulfilled my love of english.....but even while I put huge amounts of effort into it for enjoyment I moved further and further away from any sort of job opportunities because I pretty much squandered my energies on the artsy, pretentious hobbies I enjoyed rather than anything worthwhile.

      There have been other disasters in my life but I think that most of my current situation is directly attributeable to my tastes and willingness to follow them.

      Of course, if I had got anywhere with music, or RPG's (even working for a Games Studio) then I would have been vindicated....

      Funny old world.
    11. caughtinamosh
      A man after my own heart. :bowdown: English/History :bowdown:

      The plan for me is to write for a newspaper (the debates/headers - not that bland, talentless shit), with books and poetry on the side. Daring (and foolish...? :(), but I seriously cannot see myself doing anything else, apart from playing bass in a proggy band, but that's hardly likely to put a roof over my head. :(

      Being an artsy, pretentious fool can be a bitch, sometimes. :(
    12. ShadyDavey
      Ah, the $64,000 question.

      I don't know :)

      My favourite subjects at school were History and English but a) that was a long while ago and b) I doubt their usefulness in the current climate - much as yourself. I've meandered through life taking what jobs I could and somehow managed to avoid being qualified for anything beyond very menial tasks because I had a firm belief that I could make a living doing something I loved.

      C'est la vie I guess.
    13. caughtinamosh
      College/university is something which I have to consider at the moment as well. I'll probably be leaving home next year to study an English degree. I pray to God that I can make a living out of the subject/craft that I love, but in the current climate, such utopian ideas seem foolish... :(

      If you were to go back to college, what would you study...?
    14. ShadyDavey
      Good Luck with the results in that case - I did hear a little something but I didn't go into too much detail at the time for some reason (I probably forgot).

      I'm just plugging along trying to get a job - then I can maybe look at picking up guitar again but at the moment I just keep a lowish profile and try to keep abreast of current information. Sadly, money = life right now so I haven't had the pleasure of playing in an awfully long time (Aeons!! Epochs!! Millenia!! Well.....15 years or so :lol: )

      Maybe going back to college might be worthwhile *shrug*
    15. caughtinamosh

      Yes, I definitely think it did. You're a UK man, so maybe you heard about the exams...? Maybe not. Anyway, the general consensus is that they were fair papers, so here's hoping for good results. Hey, maybe I could have a NERD - "New exam results day." :lol:

      I'm inclined to go the same way. :agreed: My guitar projects are coming along nicely (the ET baritone 7, and fitting the BK Nailbomb to my ES335), so there will be a few picstory threads there. That aside, I've lost faith in general posting, so I turn to chatting to the folk I like. As long as those guys still remain on the site, that's all that matters to me. :agreed:
    16. ShadyDavey
      No worries amigo - there's been a lot of gripes about rep and love it or hate it giving someone neg rep for a simple mistake is just insane.....and luckily easy to balance ^^

      Erm, I haven't posted as much as I did initially - there's a lot of Djent/Core/Genre stuff that I really don't care for so I just chat to the folks I dig, post the odd snippet and generally just hang out. To be honest, I don't think you've missed much - I can't think of many truly original or memorable moments for the last couple of months.

      As long as your vacation paid dividends with your studies, thats all that matters :)
    17. caughtinamosh

      Hey, cheers for the counter rep. Some folk will never learn :noplease:

      How are things going down your end sir? Have I missed much on here?

      Truth be told, I've spent a bit of time on, and it's made me realise how much this place has become infested with n00bs. It's "djent" this and "core" that. Still, the cool guys (read "you) make it worth being here. :wub:

      CIAM :)
    18. ShadyDavey
      Hey fella :)

      Yeah, same old same old. Been round my bro's house over the weekend laying down some decking for his garden - what a pain that is!

      How are you doing?
    19. Thin_Ice_77
      Hey bud, cheers for the friendship. How's it going?
    20. ShadyDavey
      Hey dude :)

      Erm, buy one if you can't find one - they're very useful and some of the Korg models have the ability to do polyrhythms, duplets, triplets and all that good stuff. I have an old metronome around here somewher so I never really bothered with digitial. I had a quick look but all the ones I saw required you to pay for the download.
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    Peterborough, UK
    Anything within reason.
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