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Dec 1, 2016
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Sep 30, 1970 (Age: 49)
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Peterborough, UK
Anything within reason.

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7ibrarian, 49, from Peterborough, UK

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Dec 1, 2016
    1. ShadyDavey
      Quick review for the sake of Dave:

      Shades of Green: Traces - Reflections of a Forlorn Sun (The review)
    2. ShadyDavey
      Jesus, I so need a job and some mental stability.......I'm having a lot of difficulties with my life....
    3. vontetzianos
      :lol::lol: If not you who else?

      Thanks for the audio :)
    4. vontetzianos
      Yes please. I'd appreciate it.
    5. vontetzianos
      Here it is, 4 pages plus GP5:

      4shared - free file sharing and storage - share folder - My 4shared
    6. vontetzianos
      Wow thanks a lot man. I scanned in the images of the indian pentatonic lesson. I don't have an audio of the lesson but I do have a guitar pro file of it. If you have GP I can include that for you as well.
    7. vontetzianos
      No worries. Whenever you can is fine.
    8. vontetzianos
      Cool man. I appreciate it. I'll have that lesson posted by tomorrow. Cheers.
    9. vontetzianos
      Hey man. Thanks for replying. I think anything that's relatively different or interesting in terms of ideas would be great. I'm looking for ideas using different tonalities or scales, and of course anything by Baxter or Govan is great. I don't know if you saw the issue with the Indian Pentatonic Scale? Seeing how you love pentatonics I could also zip that up for you. Cheers.
    10. vontetzianos
      Hey dude,

      Did you ever churn up any more decent earlier Guitar Techniques articles? That Japanese soloing one was inspiring, so I was wondering if you had any more. Cheers, vont.
    11. Excalibur
      And dressing like a pornstar in his instructional tapes :P
    12. Excalibur
      Haha, I know Frank's got his good side, I'm mainly on about his whole thing about sweep picking, and yes, he does have the right to be that way :P
    13. ShadyDavey
      Thats the thing....I've done a few random jobs (mostly involving the food industry) because they were convenient at the time, helped my parents out in some cases and stuck money in my pocket. I left school wanting to pursue any other career than academia and consequently fucked my life up completely......the only other endeavour I'm even remotely qualified for is music and I'm SO far behind on qualifications and ability that its never going to amount to anything serious.

      I wouldn't work with food again, and after a long stint in Graduation Photography (processing, frame making, events) I wouldn't touch that with a barge pole either....but the main problem is that quite honestly I've been suffering from what I can now see are cycles of abject depression (for years )and I haven't bothered consulting anyone about treatment to the point where its actually debilitating.

      I am such a martyr >_<
    14. caughtinamosh
      Assuming we're on the "career" path here, what have you done before, man? Has what you've done before put you off even pursuing careers in the same fields. As you know, my career path looks to be a little hazy, but I'm just going to have to pursue the writing dream. If I don't I'd never be able to forgive myself (to cliche).
    15. ShadyDavey
      Bottom line - I just don't know what to do next. I'm not adverse to hard work....I'm just tired of being let down by folks and having everything I've worked for fall through.
    16. caughtinamosh
      I feel for you, sir. :erk: I sincerely hope that you can pull through this patch, because it certainly seems that you don't deserve such a Hellish time. :(

      I'm not too bad. I've resolved to avoid wasting the Summer Holidays. The trouble is, I don't know what I'm actually going to do. My exam results are delivered in roughly 3 weeks too, but that's something that I'm determined to avoid thinking about.
    17. ShadyDavey
      "Not Great" sums it up fella - can't find a job locally and don't have transport......the Government want me to crawl through hoops in a placement for £25 of which most would be spent on actually getting to the job via public transport.......and my ever-increasing mental issues preclude my wanting to associate with society as it is.

      Other than that, I'm not dead and still have my health ;p

      How are you doing?
    18. caughtinamosh
      No problem, man. it was a stab in the dark anyway, and I got a few replies from those who have actually done this course, so it's not a big deal. :) How is life treating you, anyway? Judging by your comment, I'd guess "not great" :erk:.
    19. ShadyDavey
      Hey Dude - apologies for this being so late. I've not really been in the frame of mind to interact with anyone for a while for various reasons so it wasn't an implied snub, simply not having a great deal to say.

      I would have posted something but as I never really studied higher english I don't really have a lot to say about the subject - my love for English never really manifested itself in a desire to study and discuss books.......I think that doing so would prove beyond a doubt that regardless of what people might think I am a bit fucking stupid.
    20. caughtinamosh
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    Sep 30, 1970 (Age: 49)
    Home Page:
    Peterborough, UK
    Anything within reason.
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    Carvin DC727
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    Fender, Zoom, Roland
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    Carvin DC 727 (mahogany, 20" radius)
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    Pro Tools
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    Red Bear Tortis Original "lil jazzer"
    Elixir and D'addario strings
    Born, Failed, Gave up.

    Musis, music, art, poetry and anything which allows the use of a large shirt


    While raping a bear in Yellowstone and snorting coke out of a freshly-dead baby's skull, I finally felt that I had found my calling and built a time machine out of Iraqi WMDs and LOTS OF HEMP WHOA. Using this time machine I went back in time and shot JFK from outer fucking space. I am now your god - Jeff
    .....and then all of a sudden he drops the musical equivilant of a steaming turd right in our laps - ESP Griffyn
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