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Dec 1, 2016
    1. Daemoniac
      :lol: Much appreciated ;)

      I'm not sure what to paint next, I've got some Chaos Marines (which I should really sell or something...), but they're a little boring... I think next I might do the Harlequins next :D :metal: God I hope that new =I= (or Witch Hunters specific) codex comes out soon... I need me some more baroque looking monstrosities.

      EDIT: I also have a Land Raider for the chaos marines, and a Witch Hunters Immolator tank, but they were both put together when I was way too young, so they look like absolute shit (bits of glue everywhere, they weren't "cut" out of the frames, they were ripped, there's lumpy paint and shit everywhere, the chaos marines one has random stupid bits of spike all over it etc.. etc.. I won't be finishing them I think :ugh:)
    2. Daemoniac
      Alright, done :metal:

      The new photos are in the same album :metal: I now have one small squad done :lol: All I need now is $6,000 of ForgeWorld Imperial Guard, and I'm fucking set :rofl:
    3. Daemoniac
      Yeah that's the worry. If it's set up sort of similarly to the Space Marines 'dex it would be awesome (different sections for each of the Ordos and their gear etc..), but I'm a touch skeptical... Or, of course, if that just turned out to be pure rumour and they just re-released the Codices as they are but with new rules etc.. :lol:

      I'll get the pics uploaded today or tomorrow, my download limit is getting a touch thin this month :lol: I've finished the unit :D 2 models to put up for you ;)
    4. Daemoniac
      Also, i've almost finished the last member of the retinue :lol: Should be done by the end of the day I imagine :metal:
    5. Daemoniac
      Thanks dude :) I'm definitely looking forward to the possibilities, just need a god damn job :wallbash:

      I'm hoping to god they (GW) don't ruin the Witch Hunters codex in the new edition... or Daemonhunters... I've heard rumours/speculation that they will be merged into the one book, which i'm not "against" as long as it's done well... Either way, we'll see.
    6. Daemoniac
      Yeah unfortunately the ForgeWorld stuff is very, very pricey, but at least it's only the infantry that has to come from them EDIT: And it is totally worthwhile. All the transports, tanks, artillery and whatnot can come from GW (well, Maelstrom games... CHEAPNESS!! :lol:). Worth it though, it will be an awesome looking army.

      I've actually written up rules for about 4 Witch Hunters and Imperial Guard special characters of my own that I'm thinking about converting... Shouldn't be too hard I don't think; bit of green stuff, a shitload of chainswords and/or eviscerators (oversized chainswords...) and a few bits'n'pieces from other sets.
    7. Daemoniac
      Also, check out the Commissar models on Page 2 of that ForgeWorld link... absolutely amazing models :eek:
    8. Daemoniac
      Nah not yet. I'm slowly but surely getting a mate into it (so far he likes Daemonhunters), but the two times i've played him so far I've tried using Tyranids (using things like dice boxes and plates to represent monstrous creatures :ugh::lol:), next time I'm going to use the WH and/or Imperial Guard.

      Once the cash starts rolling in (:rofl:), i'm actually going to be going with an allied Witch Hunters and Imperial Guard army (the Forge World "Death Korps" models... I fucking love the models...) as Games Workshop have pulled all the Witch Hunters stuff from the shelves; redoing the army for next year I believe.

      Thanks again man, i'm really enjoying the painting again, and now that I'm actually taking some time they're looking pretty good :lol: Also, yes, I definitely have to get some flock or something for the bases :agreed:
    9. Daemoniac
      Well it took me a little bit to get going, but I've got a heap more of the Retinue done now :metal: There's actually one more I painted yesterday too, just haven't got pics up yet.

      Warhammer shit pictures by Shotgun_Partisan - Photobucket
    10. Mr. Big Noodles
      Mr. Big Noodles
      Sweet! I haven't been using the program lately, but I would definitely be pleased with some improvements.
    11. ShadyDavey
      Currently in Memphis, having dinner with the King. Go go 727!
    12. ShadyDavey
      DC727 is currently in Carlsbad, CA so I guess that means here within a week or so?

      Damn awful situation to be in but I might have to end up selling it unplayed. Ain't life great!
    13. Xiphos68
      Ah yes sir I am! Glad to be back.
    14. Scar Symmetry
      Scar Symmetry

      I cannot WAIT to see that! :metal:

      The win will be uncontainable!
    15. Koshchei
      Awesome! Can't wait for the NGD :) What did you get with it?
    16. distressed_romeo
      Very nice indeed!:) Bet it feels good to get back on the guitar again!
    17. DeathMetalDean
      awesome :) yeah Rob Chappers is an amazin guy :D goin to monkeyfest?
    18. liamh
      Well MonkeyFest tickets are for sale atm, I think.
      Would be a cool way of meeting up with the gang :agreed:
    19. DeathMetalDean
      Seen ya on youtube, I KNEW I seen you on xD anyway yeah congrats :D
    20. liamh
      Cool :agreed:
      It's a really lovely guitar, a great thing for Chappers & co to do
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