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Mar 6, 2020
Nov 1, 2007
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Syracuse, NY
save lives at hospital

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The Crimson Comedian, from Syracuse, NY

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Mar 6, 2020
    1. Randy
    2. Despised_0515
      Awesome :yesway:
      I e-mailed the guy asking "Hows $250 sound for just the head?"
      and I think maybe he's read it but just ain't replying 'cause of my asking price
      It's only been 2 days so I'll see in a few more days what happens

      Yeah man, I mean headroom for the win and all but 100 watts of screaming tubes is not all that necessary at all. They mic everything at big venues anyways, y'know? Just need to turn it up 'til you've got things cookin' just right. Maybe buy a hotplate?
    3. Despised_0515
      thought I'd throw out that The Famine's tone is sick as hell too
    4. Randy
    5. Triple7
      Still, seeing Between The Buried And Me for $16 is a sweet deal.

      Just figured I would let you know about the show seeing as how you went to Summer Slaughter. I definitely understand you logic there, the drive for me is about 2 hrs, but I love the venue!
    6. Triple7
      Awesome dude thank you! Did you switch out your resistor as well, or just max out the stock one?

      Also JakeRI's band The Empire Shall Fall is playing Northern Lights on Aug 28th, they put on an amazing show if you are interested. I will be taking the drive up.
    7. Triple7
      I saw your posts in the bias mod for 6505+ thread, and I just wanted to ask, do you access this adjustable switch by taking off the front grill?

      For now I just want to make it as hot as possible with out bringing it to a shop and getting the resistor changed although I might do that in the near future.
    8. Despised_0515
      Hmm I've been reading on speakers and cabs all night on this.
      Now G12k-100s caught my eye
      but I wouldn't know what to mix them with.

      Also, people complaining about the harsh upper mids from V30s
      but since I'll be ordering Avatars, I can get Hellatone 60s and byebye harshness, right?

      Sorry I can't really say what head I'll be pairing up with the cab
      I'm just saving up for the cab right now and head down the road
      then I'll see what pops up for sale here or on the bay.
      Could be any of these used amps in my price range:
      Peavey 5150/6505
      VHT Deliverance 60
      ENGL Screamer 50
      Mesa Mark IV
      Mesa Stiletto Deuce
    9. Despised_0515
      Looks like I'll probably go with buying 2 unloaded Avatar 212 cabs and buying those Celestion Warehouse clones but I'd want to hear 'em for myself.
      I don't think it's hard at all to achieve what John did to his ENGL 'cab but I just don't like the idea of drilling holes into my nice new cabinet hah BUT if I do go this way with a 4x12 and add the bracing myself, I'd be taming the v30's flub right?

      I just wanna be 110% sure before I buy.
      I don't have a steady income, I'm 16 with no job
    10. Triple7
      I knew Suffocation wasn't playing, but I had no idea that Dying Fetus wasn't either so that kinda sucked.

      Winds Of Plague did sound really good, I had never seen them before.
    11. Triple7
      So, what did you think of the show on Friday?
    12. nosgulstic
      dude i just scored a vht deliverance for under $800 i guess you were right
    13. nosgulstic
      are you still interested in trading for the 5150II?
    14. Triple7
      Do you think it would be better than the XXX cab that I have?
    15. Triple7
      So I am looking at buying a Dual Recto cab 4x12 slant with Celestion vintage 30s, what do you think? It's used.
    16. Randy
      Just don't tell teh intarnetz... :nono: ;)
    17. Randy
      I'll hold you to that. :squint:

    18. Randy
      You speak the tr00th. :metal:
    19. ohio_eric
      Actually the Guardians of the Galaxy is the best team book Marvel does. Nova might get there now that the Nova Corp is back. I like Bendis a lot but he seems out of his element with the Avengers.
    20. ohio_eric
      The Sentry is far too emo for me to totally get into him. :lol:

      Personally I think they need to bring back Hawkeye, not Ronin for the love of God not Ronin, and let him lead the Avengers.
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    Syracuse, NY
    save lives at hospital
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    RG7420 with C-Pigs
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    Randall RM50
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    Dunlop Tortex Jazz 1.14mm picks, Yamaha DGX 205 Keyboard
    i play gutiar. i like black metal a lot. I like grungey, bluesy, metal a lot also.

    I like music, and BMX


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