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  • For a 6-string build I'd also recommend the JH set. It's amazing in a way completely different to the 57/66 and I'd urge you to get both.

    The 57/66 and the JS set are by far the two best pickup sets EMG has ever produced, to the point that with the exception of my equally excellent and versatile SD JB/59 set (with split coil) I am an EMG fan all the way!

    It's actually my first 8 string and it's a budget one, BUT... I have no real complaints from it actually except from the pickups which were by far the worst thing to ever assult my ears. I replaced those with an EMG 57/66-8H set and things vastly improved.

    The fretwork was excellent as was the finish. The bridge was a bit off and had to reposition it a bit, but even with that, amazing value for the €300 I paid in total (shipping, VAT and customs included). It needed a good setup and I still cannot get the F# lower than 2.5mm without the buzzing affecting the sound (even though the neck is straight) which might be solvable with a real hipshot bridge.

    Though I'd still go for an M80M because I feel that 8 strings can benefit from a scale longer than 27".
    Thanks a lot man :) It's not as hard as it seems! If you look at it as a series of tiny steps, rather than a massive job, it becomes easier. The best resource to get you started is watching the build diaries right here on SSO! I wish you good luck and if i can be of any help feel free to msg me :)
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