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  • Also, if you know someone that has an ESP Horizon in Black and wants a 1527m, let me know ;) :lol:
    Hey dude, I got mine from my shop up here, just north of Bris. They're called The Guitar Exchange in Morayfield. Talk to Dave, Cheyene or Steve and tell them Dan sent you. If they have one on the floor they should cut you a pretty sweet deal.
    Oh true, thought Tom was still rocking the fiddy. Nah no 8's sorry dude. Im chasing either another ESP Eclipse or a 6505. Saw a 6505 with 1960A for $1200, but I was too slow.
    Oh sweet! Marshy's? Still recovering from a bucks party on the weekend! :lol: Yeah man, Ive been GASin for a few things... Was gonna see how keen you were for my Ibby ;)
    Cool. I did see the new behemoth, haven't listened to it yet. Where are you at now? Did it get colder there?
    Hey bro, Im well! Are you back home? Absolutely... Same if you ever come to Bris.
    So I guess you toured? Nice. Im trying to find some stuff from the band, any links?
    Nope. No need. You don't even need to go through customs to declare it. And I've bought 2 guitars from Japan as well as 2 guitars in US and brought them back no problems at all.

    The real issue is either you check it in or hand carry it depending on what the airline will allow. Japan is pretty lenient on hand carrying guitars though I did use gig bags. Also I don't know if they've changed over the last few years.
    Honestly, Matsumoto Castle is the only major site to see there. There's this that's just outside the castle…

    Nah but never mind, he's going in March anyway... :lol: will this be your first time there?
    Awesome, yeah we will get them here. I think Pezshreds is going over around that time too.
    Haven't actually got one yet but we were looking at prices and from memory it was 400aud for a week(?). Or something like that. Where did you go to get yours?
    We have a "home base" hotel sorted for every night. It's in shinjuku I think. But we may spend a night in Kyoto and a few other places. You doing a ski trip?
    Yeah, sweet. We're only there for 2 weeks. But will be in Tokyo for most of the time and just day tripping. Maybe 1 or 2 nights we'll stay somewhere else. We kind of wing most stuff haha.
    Hey bro, we fly out on the 18th of Jan and we are basically staying there for the first few days. I will let you know about our plan. When are you heading over?
    Kinko Music

    Surprise surprise… they're a Suhr dealer. :yesway: Good luck getting the kind of deal I got though… I was extremely lucky that I was there during Golden Week, which was the reason for the massive sale.

    Jacksons and Suhrs shouldn't be hard to find. I don't remember seeing many Carvins though, but keep in mind that I haven't been in Japan since 2010. Damn I miss the place...
    Where are you now?

    Tokyo is massive. There's plenty of places. Have you been to Ochanomizu yet? There's a ton of different music stores in the one street alone. Shibuya and Shinjuku should have a few as well. Same with Shin Okubo.

    Kyoto has a few in the south east shopping district. Same with kinko gakki south of nijo castle.

    Osaka I can't remember too well but all I remember is there close to the station up north. Google gakki store locations and that should narrow down your search.
    hey man, they didnt do a price match and lied to me about it being shipped offered me $200 of the $400 difference in store credit.. So i guess ill have to spend thousands of dollars at another shop from now on.
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