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Sep 23, 2019
    1. Alimination
      lol!!! Pretty good! My poor 6505 has been eating dust in the corner. Not much use for a bed room guitar player you know? My Ultra has still been doing me justice so I don't see me getting rid of it anytime soon.

      BUT I did buy me a EBMM jp 12 a few months back. I'm totally in love with the dang thing.

      Hope all has been well with you broseidon!
    2. Bloody_Inferno
      I can't reveal anything just yet, but I am working on a few things. Not exactly metal exclusive, but plenty of guitar playing. :yesway:

      Funny you asked about the 1527M. It's got a similar story to your recent Ibby too (scored it dirt cheap overseas). I recently replaced the Blaze Custom on the bridge with an Evo7 and I fell in love with it all over again, and I've been playing it a hell of a lot. :D
    3. Bloody_Inferno
      Hey dude. Cheers for the message. And congrats on the international touring with your band. Great to hear you're doing really well. :metal:

      I'm ok. Dealing with a few things one step at a time. I was actually asked to play the Slayer/Gojira tour, as I've already known about it for a long time. However I made the decision to choose family first and I have to honour that. I do miss them too.

      Having said that, all I can say right now is that, I may be down, I'm certainly not out of music. I promise I won't stay away for too long. :)
    4. theo
      I don't remember the specific figure as the last guitar I bought from him was over a year ago. Got one on order right now though. But to put you in perspective, I bought an S1XXV, added a moulded hardcase and insured shipping and that was a bit over 800 dollars.
    5. KingAenarion
      Yea man, Ex Curia is doing really well! We have our album coming out late December (probably the 21st if everything goes to plan)

      I didn't get to own an Axe2 yet, but our new guitarist has one and we used it for the album.
    6. Leuchty
      Will do! ;)
    7. Bloody_Inferno
      Cheers for the support dude. Here's hoping we actually get the gig. :cheers:
    8. Alimination
      naw man don't sell it, it's a real real good amp. I can't see me sellin my 6505 lol. I use it as a power amp for the axe, so it could still be useful. It's kinda hard comparing the two because they both are what they are.. but if your a total nerd with effects and tweaking things then Axe will be the way to go.
    9. Alimination
      haha, yeah it's great. Don't think I'd be selling it for a long time. The amps are great, lots of settings to change to make your own sound.

      As for the effects, they're perfect for me. Especially for my band (which we make crazy space noises anyways) they always get excited when I pull out a new sound. lol!
    10. KingAenarion
      I won't be getting the AxeFX II for quite a while man. I have used an AxeFX Ultra though, and that alone was amazing, If the AxeFX II is in any way an improvement in tone it's worth it, let alone the extra features!
    11. Bloody_Inferno
      Wow, thanks a lot man! Glad you enjoy the band! :wub:
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